Why Use Metal Fencing in Your Home

Updated on October 2, 2019

A significant part of the American dream is to own a house surrounded by a fence, which would officially designate the house as their own private property. Previously, the fence people would have had in mind was a wooden fence, given that metal was expensive and thus reserved for the richest in society. In fact, to this day, a stereotype of mansions is that they are surrounded by high metal fences that keep out everyone else.

However, with the advent of industry and technology, metals such as steel and aluminum have become much easier and cheaper to produce. This, in turn, has made metal fencing panels much more affordable to everyday people. As a result, many homeowners are increasingly opting for metal fences to surround their homes, rather than wooden ones.

Here are some of the benefits of using a metal fence:


Metal fences are synonymous with elegance and style. Not only do they provide a strong visual contrast with the house and its surroundings, but their associations with the Victorian-style fences of old will immediately add an aura of sophistication to your house. Furthermore, metal fences are very easy to style and customize, with a wide variety of designs to choose from. This allows you to turn something as functional as a fence into a work of art.


Because metal fences can be built very high, with narrow points at their caps, they can serve as an effective deterrent for robbers and intruders, thus keeping you and your household safe. This stands in contrast to simple wooden fences that are easy to climb over and breach. Furthermore, many metal gates today come with passcode-protected locks that ensure that only the people authorized to enter the house may do so, thus keeping out any unwanted folk.


Compared to wooden fences, metal ones will last much longer, given that wooden fences are vulnerable to adverse weather and environmental conditions that can contribute to faster degradation. In contrast, the metal fences of today are much more durable and are not susceptible to rust or any kind of external damage. This enables a metal fence to last many years without anybody having to worry about it, thus making the lives of every homeowner much easier as well.

Cost effectiveness

Because metal fences are so durable, they also do not need much maintenance. Unlike wooden fences, they do not need to be regularly sealed or repainted and are not at risk of damage from termites or the elements. This greatly reduces any maintenance expenses associated with having a fence. Furthermore, because a metal fence is so long-lasting, the initial cost of the fence will be much more worth it as it can serve you for a good number of years. Given that metal fences do not even cost a fortune today, any money invested is definitely worth it.


Metals such as steel and aluminum are incredibly valuable and widely used in a variety of industries. Because of this, it is possible to construct your fence out of recycled materials, thus resulting in less raw materials used and contributing to sustainability. Furthermore, if you decide to move or make changes to your property, it is possible to sell or recycle the components of your fence. This makes metal fencing a much more sustainable option compared to a wooden one.

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