Why This Eye Surgeon Only Does LASIK

Updated on September 22, 2020

Specialization has become the name of the game for most modern healthcare systems. While most people still see their primary care physician before moving onto a specialist doctor, every patient eventually makes their way to a more finely trained medical expert. It’s a pattern that becomes increasingly apparent the closer we get to requiring surgery. Surgeons, whether operating on the brain, eyes, or heart, represent some of the most highly specialized medical experts on earth.

It’s no surprise, then, that surgeons across the board continue to become increasingly specialized. For example, Dr. Charles Manger, an eye surgeon based in Orange County, California, focuses exclusively on LASIK and nothing else. According to SaddleBackEye.com, Dr. Manger has performed over 88,000 surgeries since 1996 without deviating from the same LASIK procedure. As a result, people travel from all over the world to have LASIK done by Dr. Manger and his highly trained staff.

Looking at the reasons behind Dr. Manger’s decision to be LASIK-only helps us to understand why more and more doctors are choosing to provide ultra-specialized medical care:


If you’ve ever mastered a musical instrument or conquered a competitive sport, you’re aware of the idea that practice makes perfect. Even if you never become a prodigy, it’s safe to say doing it with regularity will make you better. The same thing applies to medical expertise, particularly something as delicate as LASIK eye surgery. Dr. Manger and others concentrate all their professional time and energy perfecting a single procedure. In doing so, they guarantee their patients a greater likelihood of a successful outcome; in the case of Dr. Manger’s patients, it’s a 100% chance of seeing 20/20 or better.


A fundamental principle of commerce is that lower overhead means lower operating costs. While medical services are not generally considered part of the commercial sphere, there’s no denying that overhead plays a role in healthcare costs. For specialists like Dr. Manger, focusing on a particular sliver of medicine allows them to practice more cost-effectively. The result is more affordable pricing for patients without a compromise in quality.


As mentioned earlier, Dr. Manger’s patients come from all corners of the globe. It’s a result of his world-renowned reputation, one that stems from his decision early on to focus solely on LASIK. The eye surgeon is quoted saying “I figured if LASIK was the only procedure I did, I’d probably do it better than anyone else.” The approach paid off, with Dr. Manger ranked as one of the best LASIK specialists on the entire planet.


Upon learning more about the life and career of Dr. Manger, you get the sense that he’s very proud of what he’s accomplished, and rightfully so, considering his success and level of expertise. It’s an achievement every medical professional – particularly specialized surgeons – wants for themselves. By concentrating his efforts on a narrow band of specialization, Dr. Manger has carved out a name for himself in the world of LASIK surgery.

Modern medicine is increasingly complex, but that’s because the human body is a complicated piece of biological machinery. Doctors who opt to zero-in on a specific aspect of medical science represent a growing percentage of MDs as a whole. Among the most elite of these specialists are the surgeons, particularly those recognized for being the very best at what they do for patients.

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