Why Some Women are Fascinated by Rose Toys

Updated on March 14, 2023
Rose Toys

Do you know about rose toys or Rose Vibrators? Do you know what it is? Why more and more women can’t get enough of it? The video about such a gadget has 3.9 million plays on TikTok. Simply put, it’s just a female masturbator. But it is different from traditional sex toys, and soon attracted many fans; many users praised it, and it quickly swept the female adult toys market to become the market darling. Today we will reveal why it is so attractive to women’s attention.

Women’s demand points for sex toys

Sex is a normal biological need for humans. Studies have shown that masturbation is a common behavior among males, especially between the ages of 16 and 30. However, women’s need for sex is no less than that of men. Therefore more and more women are choosing to buy sex toys. In this context, rose toys have become the perfect sex toy in women’s minds.


Relieving loneliness for single women

A survey shows that 20-25% of men in American society cheat on their spouses, and perhaps even more men have attempted to cheat. This phenomenon has caused many women to lose faith in marriage, leading them to opt for Non-maritalism. This means that many women are lonely because their sexual needs are not being met. They are very willing to try new things in the sex toy market. The emergence of this sex toy quickly attracted their attention, which is one reason why the rose toy for women is so sought after.

Rekindling the passion of married couples

A phenomenon in almost all couples is that as they spend more time together, the less often they have sex. couples over the age of 40 don’t even have sex anymore. Because they know each other too well, they can’t find a little novelty in each other.

This is also an important reason why many men or women cheat. Most of the people who cheat are those who have been married for more than 10 years, and they face their partners even have difficulty in getting an erection, let alone having sex. So they desperately need a little something new in their sex life to rekindle the flame between the couple. Before 2021 they may have chosen other sex toys, but now more and more women are choosing rose toys

The appeal of rose toys

Eye-catching styling

The first thing that attracts you to any commodity must be his shape. So that the unique shape of the merchandise is an advantage. Have you ever seen a rose shaped sex toy. If no one told you, you certainly would not recognize a rose craft as a sex toy. The truth is there is hardly a woman that a rose can’t handle. How else does it manage to catch the eye of a large number of women?


Desired features

I can only describe myself as amazed at the features of this toy because you can’t find another product that can give you such an exciting experience at this price point. The seven different function settings, both suction, and vibration, are enough to give you a great night. Some people worry that their non-sensitive bodies may have difficulty reaching orgasm. Rest assured, it can get you off in less than 5 minutes if you are committed enough.

Ultra-high waterproof rating

If you’re a fan of bathroom play or the kind of person who has a lot of semen, you can’t go wrong with this toy, it has an ipx6 waterproof rating so you can take it into the bathroom and enjoy it. You don’t have to worry about your semen keeping it from working, either.

Comfortable and safe material

The materials used by legitimate manufacturers are safe medical silicone materials. It is a good protection for fragile sexual organs and very easy to clean. When you buy it, please buy from a professional source to better protect your rights, ootyemo is a good choice.

If a sex toy is good, its market performance will answer you. And you need to assess whether it suits you rather than blindly following and buying the trend. I hope this article is useful for your assessment.

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