Why Should you Consider CureMD EMR For your Practice?

Updated on April 24, 2022

The advent of the cloud has opened new horizons for companies dealing with data. The amount of data increases daily and requires cloud support for efficient storage, fast retrieval, and ease of access. The medical domain is one of the beneficiaries of electronic data. This data Electronic Health Records (EHR) and well Electronic Medical records (EMR). Cure MD EMR and Kareo EMR are developed for handling and managing EMR for your company. This article presents the features of both products and concludes with our take on the better one. Both products have their advantages as well as limitations. 

CureMD EMR Features

Some of the features of CureMD EMR are presented below: 

Maintaining and Managing EMR

This product provides an easy-to-manage EMR platform addressing all needs of a medical institution. The EMR is maintained over the cloud and accessed via the web interface. There are easy interfaces for technical staff to take backups and generate reports. 

Notes, Charts, Vitals & History

Data concerned with patient management and patient health are also maintained. This data can be recorded easily through notes. A patients’ vitals, as well as the history of illness, is displayed to the medical practitioner for ease of diagnosis. Comments and entries by other doctors are also recorded and presented. Visually appealing charts are also displayed for ease of understanding. 

iPad App

CureMD EMR is also accessible through mobile devices including the iPad. This makes it easy for doctors and medical staff to record the notes and vital information of patients. It is also easy to write prescriptions using an iPad and share them securely with the patients. 

Personalized DashBoards and Practice Management

CureMD EMR provides a complete practice management solution with personalized dashboards addressing the needs of all clients as well as departments. These dashboards are useful in data analysis through graphs. CureMD EMR is an enterprise management software that considers all your needs and provides a single solution for you. Patient records and historical information is also displayed aptly is the dashboard. This is suitable for doctors to view the patient history of vitals. 

Intelligent Medical Billing

One of the prime features of CureMD is intelligent medical billing for patients. This also includes patient statement cycling, claims tracking, credit card processing, insurance eligibility checks as well as generating an e-Super Bill. This product is linked with credit card companies as well as insurance companies to manage all aspects of billing. The features include patient statement reporting and mailing.

Task Management

CureMD EMR features include ease in task management and tracking. This is a useful feature to manage and track tasks. 

5 Star Customer Support

CureMD EMR has excellent technical and customer support provided 24/7 to all patrons. This support helps in technical issues as well as company policy matters. Patient billing queries are also handled through customer support. 

Award-Winning Usability

CureMD EMR features include ease of use and high usability. It has a low learning curve and easy to use interface considering all users. A user can easily use this product with minimal training. 

CureMD EMR Review

CureMD EMR provides a cloud-based, user-friendly, and comprehensive software for practice management as well as EMR management. Patient data and records are easily managed and updated through the interface as well as smartphones and smart devices. The data is presented in graphs for business intelligence. This product is integrated with a credit card and insurance services to ensure smooth billing and payments. 

Kareo EMR Features

Some of Kareo’s EMR features are discussed below: 

Easy to Use and Integrated Software

Kareo EMR features include user-friendly and fully integrated software. This is useful for new and novice users working with Kareo EMR. The software comes fully integrated, and it is easy to take notes and write prescriptions as well as update patient records. The patient portal is integrated with Kareo EMR and all medical records and billing information can be viewed and shared easily. The agenda is completely visible and outstanding items that need your attention are highlighted.

Comprehensive Dashboard

This product has a comprehensive and intuitive dashboard, that shows task lists as well as a multi-resource calendar. The calendar can be used to remove conflicts and schedule appointments and procedures easily. Patient notes can be shown in easy-to-understand and simple charts. All the information is cloud accessible.

Easy e-prescriptions and e-Labs

Prescriptions can be acquired electronically which not only saves time but eliminates phone calls and frees up resources. Labs can also be accessed conveniently through e-labs, avoiding lengthy paperwork. 

e-Billing and Prescription Discounts

All bills are generated electronically, and discounts are added automatically to prescriptions and procedures. Bills can be conveniently paid through a credit card or billed for insurance claims. 

Secure Messaging

Patient records, prescriptions, and billing information are shared with the patients through secure channels to ensure confidentiality and reliability. Secure messages are also provided between patients and practitioners. The data is kept encrypted and Kareo EMR is Stage 2 Certified in data security.

Tutorials and Demo

Kareo EMR has provided tutorials and demo versions that you can try out before buying it. Usage tutorials, as well as updated FAQs, are also provided for all users. Customer support can be contacted online or through a telephony network as well. 

Kareo EMR Reviews 

Kareo EMR is a strong cloud-based and integrated solution addressing EMR and features security. The product provides all the basic functionality needed for an EMR solution including a comprehensive dashboard, e-billing, and secure messaging. 

CureMD EMR vs. Kareo EMR 

CureMD EMR features include patient management, EMR management as well as practice management which is lacking in Kareo EMR. While Kareo offers all the basic functionality, as well as security as its features, CureMD provides better customer support, task management, smartphone support, and smart medical billing.  CureMD has provided intelligent billing that is integrated with both credit card services and insurance services. Insurance claims are checked and processed automatically through CureMD EMR. On the other hand security of Kareo EMR is better, however, they have limited features.

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