Why Should You Ask Your Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles About Enamel Shaping?

Your oral health is very important. It is as important as the rest part of your health. You need to understand that many dental problems can develop very dangerous complications. These complications may even have the ability to threaten your life. This is why you should visit a dentist Los Angeles when any dental problem may appear. Moreover, your smile also has a significant impact on your life, thus you must always visit a cosmetic dentist Los Angeles to resolve any problem that may damage your smile.

Many people do not understand how important a smile can be, you need to understand that today’s society is based on human relationships, and the impression that others have about you is very important. Moreover, a big part of the impression that you make over others, especially the first impression is significantly affected by your image. So, if your image is so important and it can affect your relationships with the people around you, then shouldn’t you make sure that you always present the best version of yourself? Also, your smile occupies a very important part of your image. A beautiful smile can offset some other defects from your image. But a damaged smile it is impossible to hide. Your only option would be to never smile, but that creates other problems as well.

Does Your Cosmetic Dentist Los Angeles Try to Keep Your Natural Teeth?

Now that you understand the importance of your smile, you may be inclined to know what are the best methods through which you can have a gorgeous smile. The first and most important thing that you need to know is that keeping your natural teeth should be your cosmetic dentist Los Angeles‘s top priority.

Natural teeth are easier to maintain, also they are better tools for eating than any other dental solution. If the situation allows, then it is also easier to implement a procedure that has the goal of preserving your natural teeth.

The best two procedures that will keep your natural teeth are whitening and enamel shaping. The first one is used to maintain the attractive color of your smile. The second one is used to remedy some of the problems that come from the irregular shapes of the teeth.

Your dentist Los Angeles should make his top priority to help you keep your natural teeth and only if that is not possible should he follow by proposing solutions like dental veneers or dental crowns. Whitening may be easy to understand but, what exactly is enamel shaping?

What Is Enamel Shaping?

As the name suggests the enamel shaping is the manipulation of a tooth to shape it in the desired form. Although it sounds good, this method has some limitations and it can’t always be used as a solution. This process of reshaping requires delicate work. Your cosmetic dentist Los Angeles is basically cutting the enamel (exterior surface of the tooth) little by little until your tooth gets the desired form.

Because the process basically requires the cutting of some parts of the tooth means that your dentist must be very focused and also, this process can only be used in certain situations, it can’t take care of problems like a space between two teeth. Some more information about the process can be found here.

How Will Your Dentist Los Angeles Perform This Procedure?

At first sight, this procedure may seem quite simple but it is not. To avoid the possibility o cutting more than necessary, your dentist Los Angeles must perform a very compressive check of your teeth. Moreover, to make sure that there will not be any problems in the future, caused by this procedure, your dentist may even require you to make an X-ray. 

After the preliminary processes are done, the next step is the marking of the areas that need to be eliminated. This is also a very important part of the process because it will make it much easier for your dentist to perform the procedure correctly, making it much easier to perform the procedure successfully.

And now, at least, after all the preparation is done, your dentist will start performing the procedure. All you need to do is to closely follow his instructions and make sure to not make any moves that may affect the work of your dentist. Otherwise, it will be your fault if something happens and the damage done is worse than the one repaired. 

When Can Enamel Shaping Be Used?

You need to understand that there are certain limitations of this method, so, below you will find the situations when this procedure can and should be performed instead of any other alternative:

  • Length. If some of your teeth have a longer length than the others, then the best way to remedy the problem is to reshape them.
  • Chip. If one of your teeth is chipped, then it may be possible to use this procedure to reshape the tooth. Of course, if the chip is too big, then it may not be possible to use this method and dental veneers ay be needed.
  • Sharpness. There are some cases where the corners of a tooth are to sharps. This may create a certain discomfort in the mouth, thus enamel shaping can be used to smoothen their corners.
  • Overcrowding. If your teeth are overcrowded, then you should go to a de dentist as fast as possible. This problem can deform your teeth. This s why it must be solved as fast as possible, and this procedure is the fastest one. As an alternative, the dental bracers would do the trick, but it will take much longer.
  • Stains. It is possible that the surface of your teeth to get stained and your daily cleaning, and even a whitening procedure may not be able to take care of the stains. In such situations, a dentist may consider that enamel shaping can be used to get rid of these stains without endangering the tooth.