Why Is the French Press Coffee Maker the Most Straightforward Means?

Updated on April 4, 2022

Coffee lovers have something in common, the desire to try a coffee characterized by its aroma and flavor, but that is also quick to prepare. There are currently hundreds of ways to do this, but there is one with more than 100 years of tradition that will never go out of style: the French Press

But if you haven’t heard of it yet or aren’t familiar with it, don’t worry! This time we will tell you all the aspects you should know about this french press that people use to make coffee. And if you need an idea to pick one for your kitchen, you can check cafeduchateau.net.

Origin of the French Press

Since several theories claim that the invention occurred in France or Italy, this plunger or extraction coffee maker does not have a defined country of origin. We can specify that its first patent was developed in 1852 by the French Mayer and Delforge. However, this model was very different from the one we commonly know. Not until 1929 that the Italians Attilio Calimani and Giulio Moneta made the design we know today.

Although the dilemma is with us, we must tell you that the Coffee Press produces unparalleled coffee if you know how to do it properly.

How is it used?

Although the preparation of coffee with a press is simple, four tips will allow you to enjoy an exquisite cup. 

  1. Use ground coffee—approximately two tablespoons per 180 ml of water. Remember to use a unique coffee characterized by its freshness, flavor, and acidity.
  2. Add hot water in the coffee maker, not boiled, just when it has reached its boiling point, that is, 90 degrees Celsius. Make sure all the coffee granules become moistened.
  3. Make sure that the extraction time is in a range of three to five minutes; this time varies according to your taste. The longer the time, the darker the roast will be.
  4. Lightly press the plunger to the bottom of the container, and voila, you will have the best cup of coffee.

Why make use of the french press coffee maker?

As we have already told you, this preparation method depends on immersion, which means that the coffee gets extracted while submerged in water and is ready after letting it infuse for a few minutes. Following that, you should lower the filter to separate the coarse coffee from the fine one.

This type of preparation is usually inexpensive and highly delicious. Not to mention that it is a perfect option to make exceptional coffee. In addition, you will ensure that you always have a fresh cup when you feel like it.

It is crucial to note that some people do not enjoy the sandy sensation that you may feel inside the cup of coffee; therefore, we will not suggest the conventional approach because it leaves residues in the cup of coffee after the preparation.

Finally, we suggest that you use better quality coffee beans or ground coffee so that you can enjoy its texture and flavor under this method.

In short, the french press coffee maker is essential for those who love coffee, and this method will allow you to explore new flavors, intensities, and textures. Don’t wait any longer, and go ahead and have one. We assure you that the flavors with this preparation method will be unforgettable!

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