Why environmental disinfection and cleaning of patient areas is crucial during the pandemic?

Updated on March 30, 2021

Cleanliness is a crucial part of the recovery process of patients. The hospital environment is conducive for harboring potential pathogens, which leads to sickness and disease. Hence, proper care and healthy maintenance of the place are crucial. Dealing with the complexities of hospital surface as well as medical equipment requires routine maintenance. Research reveals that environmental cleaning in clinics and hospitals has a lot to do with patients’ health and well-being. When you leave the area covered with microbial contamination, it affects the health of the patient. The outbreak of Covid-19 requires additional attention from hospital owners. You have to provide extra safety precautions for limiting the spread of the virus. In this scenario, taking care of cleanliness and hygiene and routine maintenance of the hospital environment becomes crucial. You must hire a professional for COVID cleaning services

Hospital environment and cleanliness discipline

The contamination of highly touched surfaces with bacteria is well-documented. Around 30 to 40% of diseases are a result of contamination of hands and coverings. When your hands come in contact with highly contaminated surfaces, you are prone to the disease. Recommendation about surface cleaning varies from region to region. However, the core area is the significance of cleanliness. The use of disinfectant chemicals for this purpose is well-established. International unions review the advantages of environmental cleaning and disinfection of patient areas. The detergent solution, on the other hand, does not have the potential of removing the bacteria. Hence, you can reduce the territory of bacteria by using alcohol-based disinfectant sprays.

Disinfectant solutions are a must during an outbreak situation. High touch areas like window rails, doorknobs, handles, etc., need regular disinfecting. When you use disinfectants for routine cleaning, it will impact the health of your patients.

Why is it necessary to monitor the cleaning activities?

Feedback and assessment of cleaning performances are vital. It is an integral part of the environment of the hospital. Monitoring the cleaning services is often accompanied by visual inspection. Several studies have revealed that accurate visual inspection is an unavoidable part of cleaning practices. Recent studies imply that imperfect monitoring leads to an unhealthy environment. The end of monitoring should be the furnishing of feedback based on the results. It will thereby improve the cleaning potency. Hence, individuals appointed at the supervisory level to analyze the area is mandatory. 

Multiple studies have confirmed the significance of feedback for ensuring quality cleanliness. Visual inspection is a decent alternative that has the benefits of the resource-intensive monitoring procedure. In some cases, manual cleaning gets replaced by touchless technologies used in high-resource healthcare environments. These are costly alternatives known for their effectiveness and professionalism. However, what is important is that the hospitals need regular surface cleaning and surface disinfecting. 

The outbreak of coronavirus has necessitated individuals to take the disinfection process seriously. You have to take steps to improve the advantages of the manual cleaning option. However, if you have available resources, you can employ technical assistance as well. On the other hand, the human factor plays a deterministic role in ensuring the quality of environment cleaning. It will remain the pivotal aspect of patients’ defense against the virus. Whether it is the hospital setting or otherwise, manual cleanliness has no alternative.

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