Why Do People Buy Wholesale Hemp Flower?

Updated on October 29, 2020

Smokable Hemp flower is the latest legal Cannabis trend, and there are good reasons for its growing popularity. Many people want to enjoy the great taste and medicinal benefits of Cannabis without breaking the law or getting high…and these are the people who might want to consider buying wholesale Hemp flower. It might be a little more expensive in the short-term, but here are a few good reasons to consider a wholesale source:

You Will Pay Less

Whether it’s Cannabis or anything else, all goods tend to be cheaper when you buy in bulk. The larger an order you have, the less money you will pay per item. In most cases, this is the way that companies obtain large amounts of stock that they can sell at a profit. Wholesalers are set up and intended for large orders. 

Of course, you don’t usually have to be a business owner to take advantage of those bulk deals. Most wholesale suppliers will sell to anyone who puts the money in their hands. For Hemp, a large order is generally considered to be a pound or bigger. One pound, believe it or not, is a huge amount of Cannabis for one person. It is roughly equivalent to a gallon-size ziplock bag full of flowers. Such a quantity can usually be bought for less than $300. 


When you buy wholesale hemp flowers, you don’t have to worry about variations in taste, potency, dryness, etc. If you buy your Hemp from many different suppliers, you can bet that there will be a lot of variety in terms of these qualities. For instance, some strains are bred to maximize CBD content, while others are more focused on a pleasant smoking experience. 

The problem comes when you start mixing these things together. Medicinal users want consistent results, and recreational users don’t want a motley mix of flavors. Ice cream and ketchup are fine on their own, but everyone knows they don’t go together, and the same concept applies to Hemp flowers. For medical users, the consistency is also nice because you can use the same amount for each dose.

You Can Share It Freely

As we said, buying your Hemp flowers from a wholesaler will mean that you always have a large quantity on hand. Since you paid less for this (on a cost-per-gram basis), so you don’t have to be stingy with that bud. You can invite your friends and offer them a big fattie without worrying about the depletion of your personal supply. 

Obviously, there are social benefits to this, and the lack of an intoxicating effect should naturally keep drug addicts away from you. The average drug addict will have zero interest in smoking Hemp, even if they normally like a little Marijuana. Thus, being known as a person who smokes a lot of Hemp with their friends can attract the right people and repel the wrong people. 

You Can Get Creative

Buying your Hemp flower in bulk will also afford you some opportunities to be creative. Edibles and extracts are generally pretty easy to make and require only minimal time and materials (other than the Hemp itself). When you aren’t paying very much for your Hemp flowers, you can afford to risk a few of them with a small-scale experiment. 

Most of the things that you might make from Cannabis will fall into one of two categories: Extracts and edibles. An extract is a concentrated substance, and Hemp’s active ingredients can be concentrated in many ways. Alcohol-based tinctures are popular, and require very little work. You just put your hemp flowers in a mason jar, cover them with grain alcohol (100 proof vodka works best), and screw the lid on tightly. You will need to shake the jar twice a day to keep mold from growing on the part that floats, and after 1-2 weeks, you will have a Hemp tincture. Tinctures are recommended for cases in which you want to ingest Cannabis and/or mix it with drinks. 

You can also use 100-proof grain alcohol to make a solid extract for easy smoking. Just wrap your Hemp flowers in a piece of cloth to make a crude “teabag.” Then, you make tea: Except you use grain alcohol instead of water. Squeeze the bag with tongs from time to time to extract even more goodness. Once the alcohol turns black, squeeze the bag one last time and remove it from the boiler. After that, you just slow-cook the liquid until it becomes a syrupy substance, which is then scraped off the dish. 

As for edibles, most people seem to prefer mixing it with sweet items like cookies, brownies, cakes, etc. If you look at all the most popular edibles at a medical marijuana dispensary, you will see that candy and confections are by far the most common. The taste of this plant doesn’t mix as well with greasy or meaty things, although some people like to mix them with eggs. 


To summarize, buying wholesale Hemp flowers is a great idea because they are so much cheaper. This lower cost allows you to enjoy your Hemp to the fullest, knowing that you can get more for an equally low price. You can share with your friends, try all kinds of experiments, and enjoy a more consistent product in general. 

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