Why Buying A Dog For Christmas Can Be A Big Mistake

Updated on December 29, 2022

If you’re considering getting a dog for Christmas, you might want to think twice. Buying a dog on impulse can be a big mistake, and it’s not always in the animal’s best interest to introduce them to a home during such a busy and hectic time of the year.

 In this article, we discuss the liabilities you could face as a dog owner when things go wrong and also discuss why Christmas may not be a great time to add a new four-legged friend to the family.

When things go wrong

Millions of dogs across the world are fantastic pets who provide endless companionship to their families. But there are times when things go wrong. Whether it’s a dog attaching another dog, biting the delivery person, or causing a noise complaint, it’s important to understand the very real possibilities of the things that can go wrong with pet ownership.

No parent wants their child to have to deal with permanent scarring from dog bites or the stress of living with an aggressive dog. But, many people find themselves in that situation, and often, it’s because they haven’t carefully considered the responsibility of having a dog join their family and rushed into the decision-making process.

It’s important to understand that the wrong dog in the wrong family is not only going to create a difficult situation for everyone but there also comes a legal responsibility from dog ownership. That’s because if your dog causes physical harm or an attack results in psychological trauma, you may find yourself involved in a personal injury claim as the dog’s owner.

Why buying a dog for Christmas could be a mistake

Dogs require time and effort

When you bring a dog into the family, life changes. Not only do you gain a new loyal companion, but you also assume an incredible responsibility. Dogs need consistent love, attention, and care, which can take time and effort to provide throughout their lifetime. 

This can include feeding them at specific times each day, providing exercise with regular walks or trips to the dog park, as well as taking them to veterinary appointments to stay up to date with their vaccines and treatments. Moreover, there are associated costs that come with dog care, such as food and long-term medications or infections that require frequent check-ups. 

Christmas is a time of year when we’re often crazily busy already. Work parties, school nativity plays, and visiting relatives, it’s a hectic period. Adding in a new dog is going to really add to the workload, and you may miss out on the opportunities to really get to know your new family member.

Dogs need to be trained properly to be great members of the family

Training a dog requires consistency, patience, and understanding. An untrained dog can be a nuisance to everyone in the family and can create a chaotic, hostile environment. 

On the other hand, training a dog properly will not only create peace but will allow all the members of the family to enjoy their time at home with their pets. 

Training should include basic obedience commands such as sit, stay and come, as well as general commands like learning how to walk on a leash. 

Positive reinforcement and reward-based systems are usually recommended for teaching proper behavior, and it’s important to pay attention to animal body language when communicating with them. With commitment and dedication from all members of the family in providing consistent cues, dogs can learn effectively what is expected from them and become an integral part of the household dynamic. 

That is a lot of work to put in over the Christmas period, and those first few weeks of being in a new home are critical to your dogs understanding of the rules of the home while getting to know you all.

Dogs need exercise, which means you’ll have to take them for walks or runs every day

Every dog owner knows the importance of exercise to keep their furry friend healthy and happy. Without regular exercise, dogs can become bored and even antisocial and often display behavioral problems. 

While occasional trips to the dog park or special outings can provide some much-needed enrichment and activity, daily physical activity is essential for a pet’s well-being. This means owners are expected to put in the time and effort to take their pups on good-quality walks or runs every day. 

Though it may seem like a chore, this type of routine physical activity has profound benefits for you and your pup – walking helps keep your dog’s joints limber and muscles strong while spending quality one-on-one time with them helps you stay connected. 

With everything else happening in your home over Christmas, will you have the time to meet a dog’s exercise needs every single day?

Dogs can be expensive – you’ll have to pay for food, toys, vet bills, etc.

Christmas is an expensive time of year, but anyone with a pet will be familiar with the constant costs associated with caring for an animal. While they offer tons of love and companionship, dogs can be particularly expensive – not only do you have to account for food, toys, and treats but also their ongoing medical treatments, which can range from basic vaccination jabs to surgery. 

The same level of financial consideration should go into feeding them too – quality dog food can be expensive but is often worth paying extra for as a healthier diet means fewer trips to the vet in the future. Ultimately, having a furry companion comes with high levels of responsibility – both when it comes to providing care and financial security! 

We recommend waiting till after Christmas to get a new dog

If you’ve been thinking about getting a new dog for the family, waiting until after the holidays may be smart. 

The first few weeks with a new pet can be overwhelming, and the hustle and bustle of the holidays can easily add to that chaos. Plus, in addition to caring for your new pup, you’ll still have all sorts of holiday errands and events that you’ll need to attend to. 

During this time, your dog must get plenty of attention and training; otherwise, it may become overwhelmed or develop behavioral problems. Waiting until Christmas is over gives everyone more time to adjust and get off on the right foot with your new companion.

It also helps avoid any unnecessary stress during an already hectic season – plus, you can spend some time researching different breeds and finding exactly the kind of pooch your family will love most! That way, when it’s finally time to pick up your pet, it will truly be something for all of you to look forward to after the holiday season winds down.  

With a bit of thoughtful planning before bringing home your pup, you’re sure to win over your whole household- both furry members included!

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