Why Become a Nurse?

Updated on February 18, 2022

The healthcare industry is one of the most in-demand and essential areas of employment. With an aging population, the need for educated and experienced care will continue to be in demand. If you’ve been looking to change your career path and also want to work in a profession that helps people, healthcare is an excellent choice. As an industry in need of employees, you won’t lack articles on ways to enter the industry and an educator can choose many topics to inform readers about.

When looking into a new industry one of the most important things to know in which jobs are in demand. Healthcare is a broad topic and there are several jobs to choose from with many differing quite a bit from each other. One area that is in specific demand is nursing.

Why Pursue Nursing as a Career?

  • Job Satisfaction: nursing allows you the opportunity to help people when they need it most. Unlike some jobs, the need and value of your work are readily apparent. If you are someone who wants your work to have a more positive impact on peoples’ lives nursing is just such a job.
  • A Growing Market: nursing is one of the most in-demand professions and one that is forecast to have notable growth in the coming years. Job security is an important part of work and working in an industry that will need your skills and education in years to come can remove a lot of uncertainty about your professional future.  
  • The Chance To Travel: nursing allows you a unique opportunity to travel around the country and even internationally. There are travel nurse jobs that pay well and allow you to visit places you’ve never visited before. This can allow you to grow as an individual and see different places expanding your viewpoints both on a personal and professional level. 
  • Good Benefits: as it’s an in-demand profession nurses are well compensated by their employers. In addition to good pay, nurses can also receive other perks such as a flexible schedule, insurance coverage of all types, paid time off, retirement benefits, and more. 
  • Respect: nurses are among one of the most respected jobs in the nation. When polled people describe nurses as respected, trustworthy, and ethical. For many people, their job is a part of their self-image, and working in a dignified profession can be psychologically rewarding. 
  • A Varied Industry: nursing is a broad job category and there are many areas of the medical field a nurse can work in. You could choose to focus on child health, adults, mental health support, management, work with local government, and more. This degree of variety allows you to focus your skills and interests on areas where you can do the most good and receive the most professional satisfaction. In addition, you get to work with many people in the broader healthcare industry.

Final Thoughts

Your job can be more than something you do to earn a paycheck. Nursing is a career, and for many a calling, and can provide you not only high levels of monetary support and job opportunities but also the chance to make a difference in your local community and around the country. 

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