Which Masks Provide The Best Protection?

Updated on December 24, 2020

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, wearing a mask not only protects others from your expelled respiratory droplets, but it protects you too. However, it’s worth mentioning that not all masks provide the best protection possible; there are others that are of low-quality and hence won’t give the best protection. So, what type of masks offer the best protection from any virus circulating in the air?A1C9PU WvwsRcrFYyKD5nFd9ma5O1beXC7DnfTqAbLqFnIrxVPs4vppRY 3OWwxW gHxv k0Lu18oYqPrz V PzCnhtvtCqe2DhB3pVJVcMuQfoqiF6SeluAzbKFPPx3ukB1jk vlK9gv b9Q

Well, let’s find out because this article gives you some of the best masks in the market that offers the best protection. Keep on reading to explore them. 

N95 masks

N95 masks provide a high level of protection than a surgical or cloth mask. That’s because they can filter out both small and large particles when the wearer breathes. Their name ‘N95’ is derived from their ability to block 95% of particles or liquids that may come into contact with the wearer’s face. They are made out of several layers of fine polypropylene fibers, which use the static electric power to trap incoming and outgoing particles and droplets. Please visit Accummed.com for more information about n95 masks. 

However, the N95 masks are not recommended for personal use. According to the Center for Disease Control [CDC], they should be reserved only for healthcare workers and other medical first responders. In addition to that, they are not compatible with people with facial hair and children. These masks are fit for healthcare providers, and like surgical masks, they should be single-use only. It is also worth mentioning that the N95 masks remain in short supply, and that’s why they should be reserved for the healthcare providers who are on the frontline trying to manage the virus. 

KN95 masks

Like the N95masks, the KN95 masks are also supposed to filter out 95% of small airborne particles. However, research shows that they may not be as effective as they seem; many are counterfeit. That’s why you need to check the FDA’s emergency use authorization to see if the model you have is authorized. F7CeXMU9ePh4Jt6JQhxPEJUJ4hGvJmcD9EqpSN40iEmNNyn052UxTtyYtFDCPnhZryQox1pPv8RJru6iZ8RJYBbAgaLJfR9ixkAuYUA6vscUn5mARUxz9nVcYi GHFF G0h1Xfu4VQ 3tWZW1A

Surgical masks

Surgical masks, also known as medical masks, are the most common types of masks available in the market. They are loose-fitting and disposable. They basically protect the nose and mouth from coming into contact with droplets that may carry germs. They are designed to protect the wearer from sprays or splashes that may enter the mouth or nose. Surgical masks can also filter out large particles in the air, and ensure that droplets from the wearer are not being spread. These masks are also single-use only. 

While some surgical masks have been cleared for medical use by the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] and have improved filtration efficiencies, most of these masks sold in the U.S. and beyond have not gone through the FDA approval process. 

Final thoughts

You may wonder whether or not it really matters what kind of mask you wear, but the truth is that some masks will provide you with maximum protection from a virus, such as the COVID-19 infection than others. However, regardless of the mask you wear, you should still take precautions, such as social distancing, washing hands frequently, etc.

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