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Where to order contact lenses without a prescription?

Getting contacts can be a hectic process for almost everyone. The whole procedure includes steps like visiting an eye doctor, getting an eye test done, receiving a prescription, and finally getting the contact lenses. The entire process seems fine if it is done once in a long time, or if the person’s eyesight is changed. However, when there is no change in the vision, it is only a waste of time and money. That is where comes to the rescue by allowing people to get contacts without a prescription. 

But before moving on to the aspects of contacts without a prescription, let’s first go through some other details. 

Why Lenses Over Glasses?

This question often comes to people’s minds when they opt for a low eyesight solution. Glass lenses with frames are the conventional way of correcting one’s weak vision. Several people prefer wearing glass lenses because they are unaware of the benefits of choosing contacts over glasses. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Convenience: Previously, glass lenses used to be heavy and thick. Even though they are made thinner and lighter, they still have some weight. Besides, its frame adds excessive weight. That made it inconvenient for the wearer as they had to put so much pressure on their face. On the other hand, contact lenses do not put any weight or pressure and are super convenient to wear. Also, they do not limit the wearer from any kind of physical activity. 
  • No Restricted Vision: No matter how good or light the glass lens might be, it still provides a restricted vision. The wearer needs to look through the frame only, which left a lot of uncorrected spaces in all the direction. But with contacts, this problem has been solved. Contact lenses fit perfectly on the eye, so they do not alter the wearer’s natural vision range. 
  • Long-Lasting: If we go through the facts, they tell us that both contacts and glasses can break. However, they also state that glass lenses are more prone to breakage as compared to contact lenses. That makes contacts longer-lasting as compared to glass lenses. 

Ordering Online

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Online facility is yet another benefit of choosing contacts over glasses. Though both of them are available online, contact lenses are more convenient to order online. It is due to the following reasons:

  • Easy Quality Check: While buying anything online, checking quality is a tough task. That is why most people prefer buying things from a reliable website. The importance of quality rises while ordering things like lenses. When people order glass lenses, they have to check the quality of both glass and frame, which makes their task even more complicated. However, in the case of contacts, they only need to choose a reliable source like, and their job is done. 
  • No Style Check: There are thousands of frame styles available for glass lenses, and not every frame suits everyone’s face. When people buy them in-person, they check the frame, which is not possible in online ordering. On the other hand, they can easily select a contact lens without any style check. That makes contacts more efficient for online orders. 


It is easy to order contact lenses online without a prescription. It saves time and lessens the expenditure that would have been spent visiting the clinic. And people can get contacts on their doorstep without any hassle. 

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