What You Should Know About Amazon SEO

Updated on July 10, 2020

What is Amazon SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Amazon SEO is the process of optimizing your product listing on the Amazon website to rank high in searches when keywords relating to your product are being searched online. Amazon SEO is designed to help ensure better ranking, more traffic, and increased visibility.

Amazon SEO involves keyword optimization. Product image optimization, product title optimization, pricing strategy, backbend keywords, and Amazon A9 algorithm. 

Amazon A9 Algorithm

Amazon uses the A9 Algorithm to optimize product search. This is the ranking process that influences where products appear for a keyword on the Amazon search engine result page. The A9 Algorithm employs several parameters to compute how relevant a product search is. It does this by comparing it to the millions of products stored in its database with the keywords queries entered by the users.

What determines if your product will rank highly and generate traffic, and consequently, sales volume is the keyword and performance of the product. For your profit to get more clicks, conversion rate, and sales than other sellers, one thing to do is optimize keywords, which in turn improves your traffic and sales performance.

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Buyers, sellers, and Amazon itself often pursue a common goal. This is to get satisfied, and this can be achieved by buying the best product available, making a profit, and earning a commission, respectively.

The ways in which the A9 Algorithm can work to your advantage is by increasing conversion rate, relevance, and keeping your customers satisfied.

Conversion Rate Factors

  1. High sales rank- this is an essential factor because more sales rank equals to a higher ranking. You can improve your sales rank by employing the use of IO Scout tools with a sales estimator feature.
  2. Positive feedback- one of the fundamental principles of Amazon is to keep its customers happy if your products can do that, and your buyers leave a positive review, the A9 Algorithm will automatically rank you high.
  3. Excellent image size and quality- Follow the image guideline set by Amazon, use high-quality images with high resolutions that can allow for zooming in by the buyers. 
  4. Time on page- Make your page engaging. The amount of time a buyer spends on your page will indicate to the Algorithm how interested buyers are to your page.

Relevance Related Amazon Ranking Factors 

For your product to rank very highly on the Amazon search engine result page using the A9 Algorithm, your product must be relevant. Some factors that increase the relevancy are;

1. A good product title should contain keywords, and the characters should not be more than two hundred.

2. Product description; the description should contain keywords and should give a good insight into your product.

3. Include the manufacturer or appropriate brand name because this helps buyers searching according to this to find your product.

4. Include every specification there is such as weight, color, shape, etc. This helps to attract potential buyers. 

5. Maximize the search term space that Amazon provides

Amazon SEO Tools

Several SEO tools can help improve your Amazon SEO, and in turn, your ranking, conversion rates, and sales, and one such is the IO Scout tool.

IO Scout tool tells you what product people are searching for the most on Amazon, which keyword is being used, and what queries are used to search for similar products. IO Scout is a powerful tool that can be used by startups, new sellers, and existing sellers, private labels, and drop shippers on Amazon to increase their search data accuracy and helps to maximize profit.

IO Scout is very accurate when determining the volume of products sold. It has a database of over two hundred million products to search from and make sure the most accurate data and information to analyze market trends and gaps is provided. IO Scout offers a variety of tools for its subscribers, which puts them ahead of competitors, and they include a sales estimator, FBA calculator, chrome extension, product tracker, keyword tracker, listing builder.

Amazon FBA SEO

To search engine optimize your fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) page on the Amazon website, you need to use engaging and relevant primary and secondary keywords to make your page more discoverable. Using the right keyword increases your ranking on the search engine result page. 

The optimizing list is also a way to increase traffic to your page and drive up sales. An optimized list shows that your product is well branded and of quality.

Other tips to improve your Amazon SEO 

· Create content tailored to suit your target customer

· Research on what customers search for and how they search for it, IO scout tool can be useful in this regard. 

· Follow Amazon’s SEO structure- Amazon can be very specific about certain words and phrases that should appear, so it is best to adhere to this.

· On your product page never leave any space blank, fill in as many details as you can as this will prevent potential buyers from going your page because of lack of some information.

· You should give the best price to your product as this can increase the amount of traffic your page has and increase your sales volume. 

Amazon SEO helps you to rank highly on Amazon. In doing this, you have to optimize your product listing, provide accurate and relevant information about your product, and use relevant keywords to increase traffic and sales.

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