What types of toxins are present in Tap water?

Updated on July 9, 2020

Most of us turn on the tap and drink the water that comes out, often without another thought.  After all, there are treatment plants that make sure the water is clean and meets standards, they have to test the water and verify it’s safe to drink.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The treatment process and the tests may not detect all the toxins in the water. In addition, toxins may find their way into the water supply between it leaving the treatment plant and reaching your home, there are thousands of miles of water pipe stretching across the country.

This is the reason why so many people opt for water filters, such as aerated carbon or reverse osmosis, which is particularly effective at removing minerals and other particles from the water. 

Don’t forget that in the process of treatment chlorine and fluoride are actually added to the water.

Here are the toxins you’re likely to find in your tap water:


Chlorine is added to the water as it is very effective at killing bacteria in the water. That’s why it is also used in swimming pools. However, chlorine can also cause breathing difficulties, tight chest, sore throat, skin irritation, and even itchy eyes. 

It’s the same chemical that is used in nerve gas, do you really want to be drinking it?


Fluoride is added to water as it has been shown to help strengthen bones and teeth. That’s a good thing! However, further research has suggested a tentative link between fluoride consumption and cancer. It’s potentially better for it to be removed from your water.

You may also want to know that fluoride has been listed as an endocrine disruptor, potentially hampering the ability of the thyroid gland to function properly.


This poison causes cancer and can kill you in sufficient doses, yet it is still used in an array of industrial processes. The waste from these industrial plants can contaminate the water supply, enabling you to drink arsenic.

Lead & Mercury

These are heavy metals and, once absorbed, your body can not get rid of them. This causes a buildup of heavy metals over time which will eventually result in your body being poisoned. 

Before this happens a buildup of lead in your body is now to cause brain damage, especially in children.  It can also lead to a variety of cancers and organ issues.

Mercury is no better, it can cause blindness, brain damage, nerve issues, and memory loss, amongst other things


These shouldn’t be in your water but when they are spread on the farming fields they will inevitably enter the water supply. When ingested pesticides are known to cause cancer, liver disease, and even organ failure. 

In fact, a large enough dose of pesticides can kill you. 

If you weren’t sure about your tap water before you should definitely be concerned now. Other toxins could be in your water, it’s advisable to get a reverse osmosis water filter and eliminate these toxins before they become an issue.

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