What tourists can do in Kyiv

Updated on September 23, 2021

Kiev is one of the most beautiful European cities. In this article we will tell you how a tourist can spend time in the capital of Ukraine with great pleasure and maximum benefit.

How to get around

It’s very easy to get around Kyiv, because there is a good public transportation system. The fastest and the most convenient way is the subway. You can get from one suburb of the city to the other in just 50 minutes, with only 1 transfer (or no transfer at all). The main attractions are concentrated in the central areas of the capital, so if you live on the right bank in the center, your subway ride will be no longer than 10 minutes. 

Another popular mode of transportation is cabs. And if you’re visiting during the warm season, take a bicycle rental – the popularity of bicycles in Kyiv is growing every year. And of course, leave some time for hiking in the historic part of the city. 

Where to live in Kyiv

A room in a luxury hotel, an apartment or a bed-room – there is a huge choice of accommodation options in Kiev. A room for two in a hostel in the city center costs $ 15-20 per night (Railway Hostel, Dream Hostel Kyiv, A-Hostel by Campus Community). Prices in 5-star hotels are more variable: $110-320 per room for two people per night (Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv, Hyatt Regency Kyiv, InterContinental Kyiv, Premier Palace Hotel, Riviera House).

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What to see in Kiev

It’s difficult to include all the attractions that we would like to recommend in one article. Kiev is one of the oldest cities in the world and there is a great density of monuments: Kiev Pechersk Lavra, St. Sophia Cathedral, St. Michael’s Cathedral, Volodymyrska Gorka, the Golden Gates. Also you can visit the Motherland, the Museum of Partisan Glory, the Museum of Wax Figures, the Museum of the History of the Toilet. The list goes on and on! Be sure to visit Andriyivskyy Descent, take a ride on the funicular, see a show in one of Kiev’s many theaters, and visit the zoo.

Where to eat

Kiev is first and foremost Ukrainian cuisine. It is tasty, hearty and, as some foreigners believe, quite original. Try dumplings in all their variations (cherry, cottage cheese, potatoes, cabbage, mushrooms, meat), pancakes, cutlets Kyiv-style, zrazy, and of course Ukrainian borscht. Kiev cake, which is made from air-nutty meringue crust and cream, is still a hot topic.

Where to go for lunch? It depends on your preferences and your ability to pay. People in Kiev love the fast food chains “Puzata Hata” and “Dva Gusya”; they are based on the dining room principle. The food here is tasty, the portions are big and everything is cheap.

Do you want luxury? No problem! There are a lot of exquisite restaurants with high cuisine in Kiev: “Prague”, “Velours”, BEEF, Queen, Alaska, COIN, VAO and many others. Each place offers an original concept, author’s cuisine with premium ingredients, cozy interior and peculiar atmosphere.  

What else can a tourist do in Kiev?

fEoIGBl2dgkPYoAxKXLbQxWlQpDuring the last decade medical tourism in Ukraine and Kiev has been rapidly developing. What attracts the foreigners to the local medicine? Optimal quality-price ratio. Medical treatment in Ukrainian private clinics is 2-3 times (sometimes even 10 times) cheaper than in US and European clinics. Professionalism of Ukrainian doctors is comparable with that of their Western colleagues. Kiev clinics use innovative equipment and best materials and implement European and American treatment protocols.

One of the most popular medical fields is dentistry. There are plenty of excellent dental centers in Kiev offering the whole list of dental services. Among the best Kiev dentist offices are Eurodental, CrystalDent, Krauss Dent, Avanto, European Dental Center, Center of Israeli Dentistry, Dante etc.

One of the most demanded medical fields is reproductive medicine. Kiev is visited by couples dreaming of having children from all over the world. The most popular clinics among foreigners are Nadiya, Isida, Adonis, Academic Medical Centre, Institute of Reproductive Medicine and others. 

To see the sights, taste the local gastronomic delights and improve your health – all this you can do in Kiev, and for quite small money.

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