What to Look For When Hiring an Overnight Care Provider

Updated on March 25, 2022

Do you have an elderly parent whose health has been deteriorating and would now benefit from overnight care? Many seniors don’t like the idea of moving to an assisted-living facility and it may not even be necessary. But there’s also the fact that family can’t just step in and provide the overnight care needed, as they have their own busy lives and responsibilities. This is the gap that overnight care providers fill, making them extremely important.

Here’s a look at some of the top things to look for when hiring an overnight care provider. This will ensure that you find the right provider to help your parent, giving you peace of mind.

Does the Provider Offer a Customizable Schedule?

Just because your parent needs overnight care doesn’t mean you need a provider coming in every single night. Depending on where your parent lives (with you, independently or nearby), you or other family members may be able to offer care some nights. In this case, you want a provider that can work with your schedule to set up a customized plan.

There may also be the need for temporary overnight care only. This can be the case if they have had a recent injury or surgery that they are recovering from. They may just need a few weeks or months of overnight care.

What Services are Offered?

Likely the most important question you can ask of any potential overnight care provider is what services they offer. Some of the things you may need them to provide include getting your parent changed into pajamas, helping them with their oral care in the evening, helping them to use the bathroom, tucking them into their bed, medication assistance, and so forth. It’s not unusual for seniors to wake up throughout the night, requiring assistance when they wake.

What If Your Parent’s Needs Change?

You also want to discuss the possibility that your parent’s needs could change during the care. If that’s the case, will the provider be able to adapt and provide additional care? At what point would care become too much for the provider to handle?

What Is the Cost of Overnight Care?

Cost can be a confusing topic to branch as there may be some coverage through insurance or Medicare

It’s important the cost is made clear and what your out-of-pocket fee will be. The cost and payment for overnight senior care is something Cooperative Home Care and other providers can discuss in advance. You don’t want to make a final decision without making these details clear.

What Sort of Training Is Given to Caregivers?

Because you want to know your parent is in safe hands, asking about the level and quality of training of the caregivers is important. Is there any sort of ongoing training, what about insurance, accreditation, and licensing for the home and the caregivers?

Making an Informed Decision

Keeping these tips in mind as you search for an overnight care provider for your parent will ensure you find someone who will offer a high level of care.

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