What to expect from eyebrow microblading?

Updated on June 20, 2019

Permanent makeup is what people are looking for nowadays and to have thicker and fuller eyebrows that stay for long; the microblading technique is most appropriate. Some even call it an eyebrow tattoo, which is the hottest beauty trend that many feels like a godsend gift for those who have thin or over-plucked eyebrows.

Eyebrow microblading is a permanent beauty fix that can overcome the medical and biological conditions that produce scanty and thin eyebrows to create a beautiful face that remains unaffected with the stress of time. If you are looking for a long term fix for your eyebrows, then you must surely go this article to know all that could help you to take the correct decision.

Tattooing eyebrows

By using semi-permanent tattoo ink, it is possible to fill in your eyebrows that look exactly like brow hairs. The procedure is similar to tattooing that it uses a small tool with tiny needles that acts as a small blade and helps to deposit tattoo ink under your skin. Within a few minutes of applying the ink, it turns solid, and you do away with the time spent every morning to have your eyebrows done. The tool creates small scratches on the epidermis and then pours color pigment into it to create fine lines that mimic natural eyebrows.

Long lasting makeup

The effects of microblading are similar to the effects of a permanent tattoo that can last for 2-3 years. The microblade eyebrows retain the size and shape for years to come but to take care of the fading effect; you must touch it up after some time. The looks remain good for some years, and you need not think about it every time you go for some party or social gathering.

Regain your eyebrows

It is an easy solution for people who have lost their eyebrows for medical reasons or due to over plucking. The procedure is completely hassle-free, and you only need to have enough patience because it takes time to complete the procedure. It requires a few sittings to complete this non-invasive procedure, and you need to bear with the makeup artist who manually draws the eyebrows with a few hair strokes. There is no need for arching the eyebrow to create the ideal shape as the handiwork of the makeup artist takes care of it.

Looks natural

A microblade eyebrow looks so natural that it is hard to distinguish it from natural eyebrows. The technique of microblading creates the desired eyebrow that creates the looks of a beautiful face. The recovery time is very little, and you get the flawless natural look.

Quick results

There is no need to stay indoors after the procedure to complete the recovery process that happens almost instantly. The results are immediate, and you will be impressed with the eyebrows that create deep impact. If you get the procedure done in the morning, you can get back to work in the afternoon.

The new eyebrows are smudge free and being waterproof there is no problem of distortion due to exposure to sweat or water. 

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