What To Consider When Purchasing a Medical Device

Updated on November 4, 2020
What To Consider When Purchasing a Medical Device

Purchasing a medical device for your medical facility or business is an important financial decision that can have a large impact on the quality of the services you provide. As such, it goes without saying that it is crucial to carefully consider your options and make a well-informed purchasing decision. These tips on what to consider when purchasing a medical device will serve as a helpful resource to guide your purchasing process.

The Manufacturing Method

When purchasing a medical device, it is often advantageous to inquire about the manufacturing method that was used to create it. The manufacturing method of a medical device will have a large impact on its durability, longevity, and overall quality. Depending on the application, there are many different manufacturing methods used to create medical devices.

For example, if you are purchasing large, complex medical machinery in smaller quantities, choosing a device that was produced through reaction injection molding is often one of the most advantageous options from a cost, design, and quality standpoint. If you are purchasing smaller medical devices in larger quantities, however, injection-molded products may be more beneficial. To determine which medical device manufacturer best suits your needs, make sure to do your research on various manufacturing methods.


Another consideration when purchasing a medical device is the warranties provided. Most reliable manufacturers of medical devices will offer a full warranty for the new equipment that they provide. Often, a warranty is a strong indicator of the quality of the product. If the medical equipment manufacturer doesn’t provide a written guarantee that they will repair or replace the device in the event of an issue, you may want to choose a different supplier for such a crucial and expensive purchase.


You should also consider certifications when purchasing a medical device. Because a medical device can have a large impact on the health and wellbeing of patients, it is critical to ensure the device is credible. As such, you should check that the device and manufacturer have received all certifications necessary to meet or exceed your expectations.

Necessary and Unnecessary Additions

In some cases, it is highly beneficial to invest in medical devices with numerous additional features and functionalities to optimize its performance capabilities. However, purchasing the latest and greatest equipment additions isn’t always the best decision.

Often, medical facilities purchase advanced devices with extra capabilities that they don’t necessarily need for their daily operations. To avoid spending more money than necessary, make sure to determine which equipment additions are essential and which ones you are unlikely to ever use.