What to Ask a Wedding Photographer in NYC

Updated on October 20, 2023

The Big Apple is beckoning, and you’re about to say your “I do’s” amidst its iconic skyline. How thrilling! But before you get lost in the dazzle of dress trials and cake flavors, there’s one ‘click’ you need to sort – your wedding photographer. It’s kind of like finding your favorite brunch spot in the city: once you’ve found ‘the one’, you know it’s going to be a treat!

Experience and Portfolio

In the realm of wedding photography, past exploits can often foretell the quality of future endeavors. Their portfolio isn’t just a compilation of images; it’s a canvas that paints their journey, dedication, and passion for the craft.

Past Work and Style

Just like every artist has their signature brushstroke, every photographer brings a unique essence to the table. Some might capture raw, unfiltered emotions, while others might have a penchant for dramatic setups and grandeur. Will their style resonate with the tale you want to tell?

NYC Specific Shots

NYC, with its towering skyscrapers and bustling streets, offers a plethora of backdrops. The city is a whirlwind romance in itself. Skilled photographers in NYC won’t just use it as a setting but will weave its essence into your narrative. Can they frame a shot with the lights of Broadway illuminating your dance or the serene Central Park providing a calm cocoon for your intimate moments? It’s about capturing NYC’s soul as much as yours.

Handling Large Weddings

Grandeur is often synonymous with NYC weddings. But with great scale comes greater complexities. Can your photographer handle it? 

Logistics and Flexibility

Weddings, as meticulously planned as they might be, are known for their delightful (and sometimes not-so-delightful) surprises. How equipped is your photographer to waltz through these uncertainties, or even better, use them to their advantage?

Backup Plans

Picture this: Perfect moment, perfect lighting, but alas, the camera throws a fit. What then? A seasoned photographer will always have a Plan B (and probably C and D too). Do they have backup equipment? Alternate shoot locations in case of bad weather? You’d want to be prepared for anything, from rain showers to a dress stain.

Team Dynamics

  1. Their lead shooter
  2. Second shooter
  3. Photo assistant
  4. Post-production team

Just as you’d introduce your BFFs to your partner, get to know their crew. Who’s got your back and how?

Timeline Management

It’s your day, and you want to soak in every moment, not just pose for it. Does your photographer value spontaneity? Can they capture candid moments without intruding? And how do they ensure every important event, from the vows to the funky dance moves, gets its spotlight?

Post-Wedding Deliverables

Once the final toast is raised and you’re off to your honeymoon, the wait begins. But what exactly are you waiting for, and how long is the wait?

Photo Selection Process

Receiving a dump of all shots can be overwhelming. A well-curated selection, on the other hand, is like reading a gripping novel. Will they give you a discerning collection that encapsulates the essence, or will it be a barrage of shots that you’re left to sieve through?

Editing and Retouching

Every fairy tale deserves a touch of magic. How does your photographer sprinkle theirs? From subtle touch-ups that enhance the lighting to intricate edits that add drama, know what’s in store. But also ensure it doesn’t stray too far from authenticity.

Delivery Time and Format

The sweet pain of anticipation! When and how will you receive your memories? Whether it’s a digital gallery, a USB drive, or a handcrafted album, know the medium. And timelines? It’s always good to know how long you’ll be waiting by the mailbox (or the inbox).


Finding a wedding photographer in NYC can sometimes feel like navigating its subway system during peak hours – confusing, and crowded, but leading to potential magic. Your compass in this journey? These are essential questions. But always remember to also trust that little voice inside – intuition. When the vibe is right, and the stars align, you’ll know you’ve found the one to chronicle your love saga. 

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