What Makes Radiesse Different?

Updated on September 1, 2021

A woman at any age can look young and fresh. The main thing is to notice the first signs of aging in time and prevent their further development. Cosmetologists, in contrast to plastic surgeons working with the problem, take preventive measures and try, if not to cancel aging completely, then at least to postpone it indefinitely. They are helped by new and time-tested drugs, for example, dermal fillers like Radiesse. It is not a classic hyaluronic acid dermal injectable like popular Juvederm or Restylane. What makes it different? Let’s figure it out!


The sign of youth is firm elastic skin and evenly distributed subcutaneous fat, which gives the right facial volume and the correct shape. With age, fat is redistributed and “slides” down, so the face loses its V-shape and clear contours and looks tired even after a long rest. Frequently flews are combined with mimic and static facial wrinkles, as well as with deep wrinkles of the skin that appear due to insufficient natural collagen production. In this case, cosmetic products are already powerless, and plastic surgery is still premature. Filling wrinkles, restoring lost volumes and V-shape of the face the work of contour plastics with Radiesse dermal fillers. Merz’s Radiesse is an injectable dermal filler based on calcium hydroxyapatite, which is a component of bones and teeth and is therefore completely biocompatible. Such a composition acts on problem areas: it adds volume where it has disappeared, smoothes skin creases, and stimulates the formation of collagen.


Radiesse is an effective means of combating age-related changes that occur with the appearance after 35 years. The drug allows:

  • correct the oval of the face and the bridge of the nose;
  • add volume to the cheekbones and cheeks;
  • raise eyebrows;
  • tighten the lower third of the face;
  • smooth out wrinkles and scars.


Cosmetic treatment with Radiesse is a method of non-surgical rejuvenation, which implies subcutaneous injection of the drug using a thin needle. To begin with, the doctor marks out the correction zones: the injection point, the fan-shaped direction of the drug, and the final injection sites. After the skin is treated with anesthetic lidocaine, a filler is injected, and this moment takes 20-60 minutes, depending on the number of treated areas and the total number of injections. After the Radiesse procedure, only a micro-puncture remains, so you can immediately return to your usual life with a weekly restriction on sports and sun exposure.


A single introduction of Radiesse calcium hydroxide gives an almost instantaneous and long-lasting effect, which grows over time. The maximum result after the treatment is revealed after five to eight weeks when the formation of new collagen fibers starts. The gel dissolves after a few months, but its own tissue forms in its place. And this is obvious, plus a long-term and stronger effect compared to others (up to two years). Radiesse is not noticeable to prying eyes, does not violate facial expressions, does not change facial features, and does not affect skin color. The effect is achieved due to the filler’s ability to fill the voids and stimulate the production of new collagen fibers without the facial swelling effect characteristic of hyaluronic acid. The duration of the effect largely depends on the skill of the cosmetologist. Only an experienced doctor who has studied all the properties of the drug guarantees a stable and correct action.


Radiesse injections are a great way to deal with imperfections in appearance. The main thing is to find a competent specialist who has been trained in working with a filler and knows how not to harm the patient’s health. Cosmetic treatment with Radiesse differs from the one with hyaluronic acid. The patient needs to be patient and do not expect immediate visible results. However, if you want maximum natural and minimally invasive rejuvenation, Radiesse is one of the most suitable options. Moreover, it is safe, perfectly bio combinable, and is restricted just to pregnant or breastfeeding women, and patients with skin infections or inflammation. Consult with your doctor whether Radiesses is right for you.

Where to find Radiesse dermal filler? If you are a certified healthcare provider, you can buy Radiesse online!

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