What makes Passages the Most Popular Drug Center in Malibu?

Updated on January 12, 2021

Substance Abuse has been a growing concern in the modern age. With millions of people falling into the black hole of addiction the families are collapsing. The worst thing about addiction is that people lose control of their senses. This is why getting our lives back on track is extremely difficult. Analyzing the difficulties medical authorities have developed several rehab centers in separate corners of the world to help students get out of this awful habit and lead a happy and healthy life. Passages are one such Malibu Drug Rehab Center that tops the list of rehab centers. You must be wondering What makes Passages Malibu Different from other Rehab centers?

Reasons That Make Passages Malibu The Best Rehab Center

  • The Location Is Serene and Comforts the Patients– 

Malibu Drug Rehab Center is considered to be one of the most serene locations in the US. The natural landscape of Passages instantly calms the nerves of the patients who reach there. It does not compromise on luxury. Passages are based on a 10-acre land in a mansion that costs around $23 million.

  • The Culture in Passages is Supportive– 

People suffering from a drinking problem or people who are addicted to drugs are not made to go through the traditional 12 step recovery program instead they provide their patients with a highly supportive environment where the focus is on underlying issues for example their negative beliefs and their unresolved past. They provide personalized treatment to patients based on their requirements.

  • They cater to The needs of Their patients With Utmost professionalism

 Passages is known to cater to the requirements of their patients with the utmost professionalism. Keeping their comfort in mind all kinds of luxury are provided to them. The main objective is to provide their patients with comfort, medication, and support so that their bodies and minds can heal and they can recover at the earliest.

  • Modern Techniques Are Being Used On Patients– 

people working for passages understand human psychology and have thus discarded the traditional 12 step recovery program and adapted the new modern tried and tested methods to help a patient get out of addiction. These methods include a physical rope course, psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy. And as per reports they have succeeded in curing 80% of their patients.

Final Takeaway

Therefore it can be said that Malibu Drug Rehab Centers are popular because they have numerous rehabilitation centers that work towards freeing the world from Drug and alcohol addiction. Among these rehab centers passages tops the list of rehab centers in Malibu because the location is serene and people who go there instantly feel a sense of relief. Their nerves calm down because of the magical environment. 

The work culture in passages is highly supportive. They follow an unconventional way of treatment by focusing on the underlying issues rather than sticking to the traditional 12 step recovery process. By providing customized treatment to their patients based on their personal needs passages have managed to gain an 80% success rate in curing people of substance abuse and have become the most popular Malibu drug rehab center today.

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