What Kind of Services Do Chiropractors Offer After an Accident?

Updated on August 26, 2023

Chiropractors use a natural approach to healing, without drugs. Many people only think about visiting a chiropractor for back pain, neck pain, or headaches. However, a visit to the chiropractor can improve the overall physical and mental health of anyone. But a chiropractor can also be a great help following a car accident. There are more drivers on the road now than ever, which means more crashes. Car crashes can cause immense pain and suffering. Many people prefer to go to a chiropractor following an accident, for surgery-free, medication-free treatment. Keep reading to find out what kind of injuries a chiropractor can help with.

Back Pain

Car crashes can leave victims with a variety of injuries, aches, and pains. The upper and lower back, including the spine and surrounding tissue, often are in great pain following an accident. If this area is not treated, it could suffer from temporary or permanent paralysis. The services at accidentcarechiropractic.com can provide quick relief for patients with back pain.

Whiplash Relief

Whiplack is a kind of neck injury that results from quick front-to-back movements of the neck, similar to whip cracking. Many accidents cause whiplash due to the fast speed that a car can be going, and the sudden stopping from an accident. During a crash, a driver’s position changes abruptly and the impact can cause muscle tear in the neck and back. These torn muscles cause a great deal of discomfort. They can also cause the cervical spine to be dislocated. A good chiropractor can easily adjust the muscles and help the neck to heal more quickly. 

Shoulder and Neck Pain

Most people feel stiffness in the shoulders and neck following a crash. Some people find it hard to move their heads back from side to side. Visiting a chiropractor as soon as possible following an accident will relax the nerves and tension that has built up in the body, leading to faster healing.

Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are very common in car crashes. Sometimes the knee suffers a torn ligament or even a fracture. In either situation, therapy is necessary. Don’t let the pain continue. A chiropractor can help end it quickly. 

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are usually in the form of a herniated disc or misalignment. Problems in the spine will not go away on their own, but a chiropractor can adjust the back and the disks, to alleviate the pain that radiates from there. 

Arm and Leg Pain

Limbs can also be injured in car crashes. Sometimes they are bruised or have muscle tears. Leaving injuries untreated can worsen conditions, potentially even leaving someone unable to walk after some time. 

General Soreness 

People wear seat belts for safety. Seat belts save lives and are important to wear, but using them can cause pain following an accident. A seat belt worn across the chest may pull very tight during an accident. This causes bruising in the chest and elsewhere in the body. Also, if an airbag deploys, the bruises and muscle tears that occur can be widespread and severe. A chiropractor can help manage this pain, and prevent further injury.

No one can prevent a car accident. However, if one does happen, it is important to get proper chiropractic care to minimize injuries and get on the road to healing as quickly as possible. 

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