What is the real difference between at-home nursing and caregiving services?

Updated on October 12, 2021

Canada has universal health care. Canadians can visit any hospital for free if they have a provincial health card. This includes not only a doctor visit but also all the supplies are used and all the procedures are done. Everything is paid with taxes. Why turn to an in-home nurse in such conditions?TeyB70Wg8Y N3kkTU08d1MM6 vHGqBh7DTnUmjq8YOq8G5YL2TtQ3aJkav6BiZp7K7dgvVaJ SGDbD2KIFyqBQSOD1DnLrfZl

Home care nursing is a new term. It covers healthcare services that are performed in the comfort of the patient’s home. Not so long ago, there was no distinction between nursing services and the variety of caregiving at home. These services may be needed at virtually any age.

Nurses may have different responsibilities in different states, and if in one province Health Care Aides are involved in feeding and bathing, then in another it may all be the task of a Registered nurse. Home health nursing is more like a self-employing opportunity. Nurses choose it instead of working in a hospital in order to be more outdoor and have a free work schedule. However, this does not affect their need to have strong qualifications and a valid state license.

Nurses may have different responsibilities in different states. If in one province health care aides are involved in feeding and bathing, then in another it may all be the duties of a registered nurse.

Types of nursing services providing in home

Caregiving is what most people think of when they think about home care nurses. However, there are many other types of services. Most often the following groups of patients need in-home nursing care: 

  1. Elderly. Primarily, these services are offered to aged people especially if a family requires added assistance in caring for their elderly family member. There has been tremendous growth in this field due to an increase in the number of elderly citizens. 
  2. Disabled. There are more individuals who have disabilities now than ever before. It is not always easy to find a trained and licensed home care professional who can assist these individuals. Many of them require full-fledged healthcare but not just caregivers. 
  3. Living with a chronic disease. Nurse at-home services are especially helpful for those who are terminally ill. In such a way, they can remain in as comfortable a condition as possible. 
  4. Recovering from an injury. In addition to dressing wounds, they often need assistance with bathing, getting dressed, and grooming.
  5. Postpartum care for new mothers. After the baby is born, new mothers need education, and support on how to take care of the baby.

Nurse jobs in Canada include but are not limited to managing medications, assisting patients in exercise, performing emergency first aid, bathing, dressing, and assisting with hygiene. There are many other things that nursing practitioners can do. They include education for patients and their relatives, assistance with dietary modifications, and help with immunizations. ke7AxqRHvBEATuGaeZxkiJ8Cx JHIC5mHV6OfoVJYLBJ9kfa90ylGg0aOI aV6yfhYQ1eosdlwcJAnF7CR2F3G726oRmXALIz k1T2DIfT9uGWKTswmfb0AQ30JZPy8kTDEXs9O=s0

Some interesting facts about nurses

Nurses who come to the homes often see patients’ lives unsightly sides. Sick people cannot prepare for their arrival. They see us thoroughly, and at the same time, they often remain faceless themself. Below are some interesting facts about nurses that will surprise you:

  • Nurses are the most numerous medical staff and provide most of the healthcare procedures. They are the ones who most often communicate with the patient in person. 
  • The number of certified nurses continues to increase every year, as well as the demand for their services.
  • Nurses work everywhere – in hospitals, schools, laboratories, hospices, and even military bases.
  • They constantly have to learn and improve their skills. Nothing changes as quickly as hospital inventory – bedside devices, medical apparatus, nursing software.
  • In early times, the profession of a nurse was completely unrespectful, nurses were rude to patients, did not fulfill their duties, and often and stole from the houses they worked. Everything changed by Florence Nightingale, who proved that a nurse can be much more helpful than people think. She had to sacrifice her marriage in order to perform her job.

The most important aspect of the healthcare nursing profession is the quality of the service provided. It is the professionalism and the standard of care that determine the quality. A skilled nurse is one who is certified and licensed. It is also their responsibility to make sure that all of these services are provided in accordance with the diagnosis and prescription of the attending physician.

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