What Is Rehab Like? A Day in the Life

Updated on June 6, 2020

Rehab is one of the best things you can do if you have a problem with substance abuse. But what is rehab like? Find out here.

Admitting you need help getting over an addiction is a huge step towards recovery. Having the ability to seek residential treatment is a plus. If you’ve never been admitted to an in-house program, you probably have many questions.

Topping the list is, “What is rehab like?” Many people may envision a scene from a movie that doesn’t accurately depict what takes place at a rehab center. The ultimate goal is to provide effective treatment and techniques to help the patient succeed once they leave.

Are you considering entering a rehabilitation center? If so, continue reading to learn more about what happens in rehab.

What Is Rehab Like?

Checking into a rehab treatment facility will be different for each patient. The goal is to research multiple rehab facilities to select the one that best fits your needs. Next, understand that for you to achieve success, you must fully participate in your healing and recovery.

Regardless of the facility, you must go in with a positive attitude and openness to receiving the help you need.

Types of Rehab Facilities

There are different types of rehab centers and various paths to healing. Sometimes, to get the best results, a person needs to go into a facility far away from home. Others are thinking, they want a facility close to home. 

To find a facility, simply enter a Google search for a rehabilitation center near me or the city of a facility you have heard about.

A Day in the Life of a Rehab Patient

Treatment facilities will vary. If you have health insurance, you may have additional options for facilities and types of treatment.

Following is a typical outline of a resident’s day and what happens in rehab.

A Planned Schedule

Facilities run on a schedule to help with discipline. Therefore, your day will be planned out for you.

Healthy Meals

Proper nutrition and diet is key to healthy living. Expect healthy prepared meals three times a day. Snacks will be provided and junk food could be prohibited.

Group Therapy

Having the ability to express yourself is important to recovery. The way rehab works is by getting patients to share their experiences in an open setting.

Depending on the depth of the addiction, the center could offer family counseling.

Private Sessions

Because each individual has their own personal struggles, private sessions will also be offered. Patients will receive individualized treatment plans. These can include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or other proven treatments to address addiction.

Meditation and Exercise

What happens in rehab can also include meditation and group exercise classes. Exercise is not only good for the body but it also improves our mental outlook on life.

Success Is Within You!

Now that you have the answer to “what is rehab like”, you can begin to explore facilities. Seeking help is something to be proud of. Do the work and triumph over your addiction.

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