What Is Mobilis, The World Reference in the Navigation Sector?

Updated on April 25, 2022

Since 1990, Mobilis has specialized in designing, manufacturing, distributing, and developing navigation aid equipment. With more than 30 years of experience, Mobilis offers unrivaled product quality and has an active sales network that spans 90 countries across five continents.

The world leader in navigation aid equipment offers a wide range of acquisition data buoys (or smart buoys), providing the ideal platform to accommodate all the necessary instrumentation for measurements at sea: sensors, modems, data transmission, technical compartments, wind or solar generators.

What Services Does Mobilis Offer?

Mobilis has developed the expertise of integration and offers two options:

  • It provides a platform to host your instruments; allows you to have equipment that will directly accommodate your tools.
  • It provides a turnkey solution; Mobilis’ skilled team conducts research, develops, and implements your project. Mobilis data buoys are custom-built to assure maximum reliability.

Why Mobilis?


MOBILIS offers superior, long-lasting solutions that are also environmentally friendly. Additionally, Mobilis has received recommendations from IALA/AISM as a result of its membership since 2002 and was certified in 2005.


Reliability is Mobilis’ signature. Developing secure modular solutions to ensure long-term data acquisition reliability without compromising quality.

The buoys deployed facilitate monitoring of the impact of human activity on aquatic life. This enables the establishment of meteorological and oceanographic monitoring.


Since 1990, Mobilis has been designing custom-tailored platforms: each component is redesigned and combined to achieve the appropriate equipment in response to the demands.

MOBILIS Projects Undertaken Successfully

In 2016, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) set a new height record – 19 meters – for a wave. This figure was measured by a Mobilis buoy deployed in the North Atlantic per Mobilis mooring recommendations. A remarkable record for this still-operational buoy that has withstood the test of time.

DB 14000- GEO SR – KOREA

In December 2017, GEO SR deployed a MOBILIS DB 14000 buoy in South Korea in a very hostile environment. This presented a significant difficulty, as it required collecting wave, wind, and current data in an area prone to accidents and exposed to current speeds of up to 7 knots. At the end of August 2018, Typhoon SOULIK crossed the coastal regions of the southwest the South Korean peninsula.

The DB 14000 encountered winds of 30m/s and waves as high as 10m. The buoy and its anchor came out unscathed from this test while collecting detailed and authentic data to attest to the typhoon’s passage.


For several years, MOBILIS has teamed up with HITACHI ZOSEN, developing customized solutions that meet demanding specifications. The Japanese company has installed a tsunami warning system on a MOBILIS DB 16000 data buoy.

Their solution won the “Invention Prize” from the Japanese Institute of Invention and Innovation in 2010 for the national mention of inventions (“GPS Tsunami Monitoring System” PAT No. 3803177).


Hydrosphere and Mobilis have worked closely to conceive the DB 24000 EOL. This platform is a manifestation of 20 years of hard work and research. The obstacles encountered were severe temperatures, unusual winter weather, and difficult deployment conditions due to the sensors, buoy’s bulk, and a large amount of equipment.


The Autonomous Port of Cotonou is investing in a cutting-edge oceanographic measurement buoy to improve its access to ships. This will give its buyers access to meteorological and oceanic conditions as they approach the port.


The new MOBILIS DB 7000 buoy is outfitted with an accelerometer-based wave sensor. It broadcasts data through VHF 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The buoy is visible, stable, and accessible in perfect safety, especially important for maintenance activities.


This buoy allows researchers to track the oceanographic and meteorological conditions in the area in real-time, providing important research data. It benefits from unrivaled data prolixity, with communication modalities including GSM/GPRS, Iridium, AIS, radio, and GOES.

Mobilis employs cutting-edge technological solutions to address future issues. The company’s expertise and will to innovate have propelled it to the global standard for not only navigation aid but also mooring boxes and data collection devices for the benefit of the port industry and authorities.

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