What is Meant by Electronic Document Management System? 

Updated on April 12, 2023

Businesses use a document management system, which is a program for high-quality storage of paper or digital documents (electronic documents are more commonly used). It resembles content management software but is used for archiving information. Attributes (metadata) are identified to facilitate access to searches, for example in archives. These include subject, chronology, and other associative strategies. Documentation that is stored using specific protocols becomes valuable for business representatives.

Features of Electronic Document Management System

Employees in many organizations waste resources, time, and energy dealing with documents because of the complexity of searching and sharing. When companies use electronic document management systems, it is as if they are starting their business all over again, focusing on efficient scalability. Developers must implement a security infrastructure that ensures the privacy of personal information so that the system cannot be hacked. Negative reputational and commercial consequences can then be avoided. 

Platforms that host electronic document management systems include tools for:

  • analysis of employee document management activity;
  • scalable file storage;
  • document exchange within and outside the enterprise;
  • records lifecycle management;
  • shared editing and markup. 

If document management tools are used, users’ work is greatly simplified. Google with free applications is suitable for processing digital files. For example, there are shared space drives for smart storage that can be accessed via a link. They are not suitable for businesses in some cases. 

Benefits include digital storage services. Programs have been developed that provide access to the mobile app. Highlights, annotations, stamps, and text, including confidential information, can be added.

Tips for Choosing the Right Document Management Solution

Users are recommended to consider the level of control that is required to achieve the company’s goals. There are three of them, and they are all listed below. 

  1. Easy configuration of processes for collaborative (including remote) work. Employees will consider a single version of the file, where all necessary modifications have been made beforehand.
  2. Control features are understandable on an intuitive level. Drafts are saved, and users can see all versions of the document when they are automatically controlled. They are available on a variety of devices, including cell phones.  
  3. Access to up-to-date information for the entire team. In this case, the information is kept intact as part of the information assurance. 

It is necessary to make a choice: to order the development of the customs system or to use a ready-made solution. The decision is made independently on each occasion. In the latter case, Google Drive is suitable. This is a drive with the possibility of free use. This solution, however, does not apply to a scalable business because it becomes more difficult to manage files. Companies that use large amounts of technical information should look for another option.  

Is SharePoint suitable? Unfortunately, this program requires users to have special knowledge. That is why large companies buy ready-to-use solutions or order their development to improve the team’s efficiency. The latter can focus on the management of goods and services, as well as on the quality of customer service.

Should document management software operate locally or in the cloud? In the first case, the company must use its own servers to store information. This option can be combined with maintenance to improve security but there are still disadvantages. These include the time it takes to install the software and then set up playback. 

Cloud solutions become more flexible and dynamic options. They need to be configured before storing and processing information. When choosing, several criteria are taken into account:

  • whether a dedicated virtual private server is used;
  • whether resources need to be shared with other users;
  • whether documents are encrypted when sent to partners. 

How will security be ensured? It is necessary when backing up. The users are recommended to think about the peculiarities of the future workflow. If it is well managed, flexibility is ensured in

  • searches;
  • storing;
  • updating;
  • sharing;
  • tracking. 

An access hierarchy with the possibility of conducting traffic auditing and assessment is created for reliable control. Scalability is another parameter to choose from. When using paid software with additional services, document storage space is expanded as needed. One should immediately think about the cost of such software: the higher it is, the more compromises are offered to the users. If you purchase an expensive option, you can give access to new employees without fear of exceeding the limit. 

Conclusion on the Use of Document Management

You can use Pandadoc, which makes working with documents easier. It adapts to work on computers and smartphones, so company employees can use this solution from home. Because of the worldwide pandemic, a large number of businesses have switched to this mode, so many functions are no longer performed by colleagues in person. Employee meetings, contract signing, and contract management are conducted via the Internet.

Thanks to high-quality software, work with documents is automated. When cloud-based software is used, file editing processes are optimized. It is convenient for users because no problems arise during operation.

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