What is IGTV?  Find Out What It Is and Why You Should Be Using It!

Updated on April 13, 2022

As well as social media using the power of image and words, something has simply exploded over the past few years and that’s the use of video.  We know that Facebook gets more than 8 billion daily views using its video feature and YouTube has launched the careers of pop stars – from their bedrooms.  In 2022, it’s reported that up to 82% of Internet traffic will be purely watching video so if you’re a business or brand and you’ve not harnessed the power of video, you’re missing out.  

One platform that’s created a very useful tool in the past few years is Instagram TV – shortened to IGTV.  However, it’s easy to mix it up with Instagram Stories but it is different.  In this piece, we’ll tell you what is IGTV? And why you should be using it!  As well as buying Instagram likes, it’s another brilliant feature that helps you grow your social media presence and get more Instagram views.

First Things First – What Is IGTV?

In simple terms, if you want to know “What is IGTV?” Well, we’ll give you plenty of useful information! IGTV is Instagram’s own, unique video element to help you gain followers for Instagram.  It allows you to create a long video for your audience, in some instances, up to one hour long.  It’s also designed for use with smartphones.  For best results, videos must be recorded vertically so that those viewing them don’t have to turn their smartphone round to watch.  Let’s look at how to download IGTV.

What is IGTV and Downloading IGTV

As long as you have the Instagram app, you have IGTV.  Open up your profile and move to the Explore Tab.  Then, you’ll see a menu.  Simply choose IGTV from the menu to get started.  You could also visit the App Store and download a standalone IGTV app.  Just click on Get and then Install and it will instantly download to your device.

What is IGTV and The Length of Your IGTV Post

We do need to mention length of video.  The Stories feature on Instagram allows users a maximum of 15 seconds, but IGTV allows you to upload a mobile video maximum 15 minutes or if you upload a video from the web, you can have a video on Instagram for up to 60 minutes for maximum exposure to your fans and potential new follower.

What is IGTV – IGTV Channels

To create your very own IGTV channel, download the app as we discussed above and sign in using your Instagram credentials.  Then, locate the Settings icon (which is alongside your profile photograph).  Click on Create Channel.

What is IGTV and How To Create Your Own IGTV Videos

Here are the steps you need to take to upload your very own IGTV video.

  1. Open the IGTV app.
  2. Click on your profile.
  3. Select Upload Video.
  4. You will gain access to your video library.
  5. Choose the video you want to upload to IGTV.
  6. Locate the NEXT word (top right).
  7. Click on NEXT.
  8. Add your title for your video, the description and then edit your cover image (that’s what people will see before they play your video).
  9. Now it’s time to publish your IGTV video – just select POST.

Note, soon Instagram will discontinue the standalone IGTV app (https://www.gsmarena.com/standalone_igtv_app_officially_discontinued_all_video_is_now_instagram_video-news-53372.php) but there are other ways to upload a video to IGTV, directly from Instagram.  Follow these steps:

  1. Visit your profile.
  2. Choose the + symbol (top of screen).
  3. A Menu entitled CREATE will popup.
  4. Choose IGTV video.
  5. Next, choose the video you wish to upload, choose your cover, and add your title and description information.
  6. You’re ready to post – simply click on POST TO IGTV.

Analysing Your IGTV Performance

To see how well your IGTV performs on Instagram, there are various analytical tools on Instagram.  You can view your likes, comments, how much of your video was watched, the reach, how many times it was saved and how many times Instagram users interacted with your video.  Here’s what to do to get the insights you want:

  1. Open the video that you want to gain insights for.
  2. Locate “…” which is at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Choose “VIEW INSIGHTS.”
  4. Next, find the Insights Menu which will have your audience analysis. 

Here’s an extra tip – always post when you’re going to get the best engagement.  Not sure when that is?  This guide will tell you everything you need to know! https://www.digieffects.com/what-are-the-best-times-to-post-on-instagram/.

Looking for Videos and Channels on IGTV

You can also search videos and channels in the IGTV app.  Simply use the search bar.  Scroll through the suggested videos (Instagram will make suggestions of videos it thinks you will like, based on your own usage and the accounts you follow).

You can also find a user’s IGTV by visiting their profile page.  Just look above the image gallery and locate the IGTV icon.  By clicking on it, you can view their IGTV channel.  As soon as you open up your IGTV app, you’ll see a video, the idea here is to hook a viewer and get them excited and interested in the content.

When you find a video, you want to watch, just click directly onto it.  You don’t have to view the suggested videos, keep on scrolling until something catches your eye.  There are options to help you find something you want to see:

  • For You.
  • Following.
  • Popular.
  • Continue Watching.

All are relatively straightforward.  The For You option shows you videos that Instagram thinks you will like.  The Following option shows you videos from followers and hashtags you’re following.  Popular – well, this refers to the videos that are the most watched on Instagram and Continue Watching contains the videos that you haven’t finished yet.

Final Words on What is IGTV?

Hopefully we’ve answered the question “What is IGTV?” and now you know, it’s time to have a play around with the feature.  Start by watching other accounts’ IGTV to gain some inspiration and when you think you’re ready, try uploading some video content of your own to your Instagram IGTV channel.  For more brilliant ideas on growing your social media presence, check out this link here all about digital marketing: https://www.ictsd.org/getting-to-grips-with-digital-marketing-everything-you-need-to-know/.

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