What exactly is sugaring?

Many people seek out that hair free look of skin but have a hard time committing to a traditional wax.  Fortunately, there is an alternative – sugaring.  Sugaring is being promoted as a less painful and much easier way to remove unwanted hair.  From experts to everyday users, this method has been tried and proven to get the job done.  But what exactly is sugaring?

Sugaring Method

Sugaring is the method of pulling hair out from the roots using a gel mixture made from sugar, hot water, and lemon.

Sugaring Benefits

The main benefit of sugaring is how it interact with your skin – it doesn’t.  Traditional waxes stick to both the hair and the skin which can cause a lot of pain during removal.  This is especially a problem is you have sensitive skin.  Sugaring only sticks to the hair which makes the removal process much easier and less painful.  Additionally, sugaring using all natural ingredients which means clean up is a breeze.  Simply rinse off with water and you are done.

Is it Safe?

Although sugaring seems like a safe at home alternative to traditional waxing, there are some things to be aware of.  For the best results, it is still good to seek a trained beauty therapist that knows what they are doing and how to properly mix the sugaring paste.  Technique is also important to avoid damaging your skin.  You must hold the skin tightly when applying the paste to avoid bruising.

Sugaring at home can also lead to ingrown hairs, infection or redness.  To avoid any at home mistakes, a salon is the best place to have this done.  They will have safe and clean procedures and equipment to get the job done well.  As always, avoid hot water, and exercise afterward.

Proper Technique

First make sure the skin is cleaned of all lotions, oils, etc regardless of how long ago they were applied.  These products can leave an oily layer on the skin which could allow the sugar paste to slide off.

Next, lightly powder the skin with baby powder and softly massage it in.  Be sure to not over apply as that can interfere with the hair removal.

After the sugar paste is properly mixed and warmed, it should be in a soft consistency so it spreads evenly over your skin.  Similar to shaving, it should be applied in the opposite direction to hair growth.  Make sure to also apply some pressure during application.

Next, use a fast flicking motion that is in the same direction as the hair grows.  Going in the same direction as the hair prevents the hair from breaking off before complete removal from the skin.  This will help prevent ingrown hairs and general discomfort especially if you are using a sugar bikini wax kit.  You will also have longer lasting hair free skin.

Finally, rinse the area with water and soap until clean.

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