What does a smile do to your brain?


People spend thousands of dollars every year to try and boost their health.  This includes things like body supplements, gym, fitness routines, doctors, dental checkups, medicines, etc. Yes, all these things cost a lot of money. Did you know there is one thing that boosts your health for absolutely free? – Smile! Yes, Smiling is the easiest way to boost not just your health but your mood too.

We are here to share with you the benefits that smiling does to your brain. 

6 Benefits of Smiling to our Brain

1. Smiling makes us feel attractive: – It is a psychological fact that we are naturally drawn to people who smile. The more you frown or make negative facial expressions then more you will push people away. The more you smile, the more natural people will feel around you (as long as the smile is not creepy). 

The more people drawn to you, the more confident and good you will feel about yourself. However, we must understand that a smile only looks attractive if we have nice teeth. In order to have nice teeth, we need to take care of them. There are two good brushes from Oral B that are going good in the market to learn more about them, check comparisons at www.nicersmile.com.

2.   Lightens our mood: – Smiling helps boost our mood when we are feeling down, and this works miracles especially for people with anxiety and stress issues. The reason why smiling tricks your body into making it happy is that it activates neural messaging in your brain. Take smiling as an anti-depressant.

3.   Smiling lowers our Blood Pressure: – Smiling actually lowers our blood pressure mainly because it helps us relax. If you own a blood pressure monitor then give it a try, check your normal blood pressure first and then check it while watching some funny videos. You will clearly notice the difference.

4.   Helps increasing productivity: – Researches have shown that smiling increases productivity at the workplace. Yes, the old whistle while working does have a value. After watching some cute animals on the internet for a while that makes you smile increases your productivity later on.

5.   It helps us look younger: – Apart from making us look attractive, smiling also helps in making us look longer. The more you smile, the more your face muscles lift which gives you a younger look. Instead of putting cosmetics and surgeries, try smiling your way throughout the day and you will start to look younger.

6.   Helps to build relationships: – It’s a simple fact that people who smile seem to be more likable than people who don’t. The more likable you are, the better relationship you can form with your partner. The more you smile together the more laughter you guys share, the more memories you will make together. This eventually helps in strengthening relationships. Besides, why would people be in a relationship in the first place if all they do is a frown.

Conclusion: –

There you go, these are 6 benefits for you to smile more often. Understand that your brain does not know the difference between a fake smile or a genuine smile, so it does the same effects on both. 

If you have trouble smiling, then some of the easiest ways to smile more often are by watching funny TV shows, Theatres, Stand-up comedies, etc. Also, surround yourself with funny and positive people who like to share laughter with you instead of being around people who frown all the time. Good luck!