What Do You Need When Starting A Private Mental Health Facility


Approximately 450 million people have mental health problems. The burden for mental health will rise by 15% in the year 2030. Depression is one of the leading causes of mental health disease. Mental health affects 1 out of 4 people. Mental health diseases are preventable and can be treated. However, there are limited health facilities to take care of the growing number of mental illness patients.

If you are a medical practitioner, you can start your own private mental health facility. You need to be able to help every patient to live a good life and recover using the medication and therapy. Starting a private practice will demand a whole new responsibility and high costs of running the facility.

The following are the things to consider when opening a mental health care facility:

1. The Costs of Starting and Running the Facility

Investing in the mental health care facility requires a substantial financial commitment. The cost estimate of starting a small private practice ranges from $70,000 to $100,000.

You have to consider all the start-up costs such as the electronic system, the incorporation fees, furniture. When buying medical equipment for the facility, find high-quality electronics that will serve you longer. For instance, take time and buy the best tDCS device for depression and other equipment needed for the facility.

Additionally, you have to consider the recurring costs, such as salaries, business insurance, rent, monthly utilities, and replenishing supplies.

2. The Marketing Initiatives

When you start your facility, you must sell it to potential customers. Your clinical competence alone will not draw people needing your services to the facility.

The following are the strategies you can use to market your practice: create a website that is easy to navigate and provide high quality and informative content, volunteer in community services in fields related to mental health, and giving talks about the same. Create a blog and share the content on social media platforms targeting potential patients.

3. The Business Insurance

Today, there is medical insurance for mental health private practice. To avoid the financial pitfalls associated with new businesses, you need insurance that will cover for the property insurance, liability coverage, and compensation for the workers.

4. Hiring Employees

It would be best if you had qualified staff to provide services at your facility. A great team is built, and you have to start from scratch to make your team. Be prepared to create job posts, provide competitive offers, go through the job resumes, and conduct numerous job interviews.

When you are done hiring all the categories of your staff, you have to strive to keep them satisfied and provide a conducive working environment. Additionally, ensure your team is fully equipped and prepared to meet all the needs of the patients.

Starting a private practice will require you to get prepared to handle higher responsibilities. Your main goal should be to help mental health patients to recover in the best way possible. Ensure to comply with your countries health care laws for private practice.


  1. If there is anyone in the Upper Midwest interested in starting a private practice with me. Please reach out! I want to open a faculty in Marquette County in Michigan where current local centers have multi year waitlists for mental health patients.


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