What Are The Requirements For Nursing Jobs In USA For Foreigners?

Updated on October 30, 2022
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To Obtain a Nursing License in the United States, You Must Meet Certain Educational Requirements.

To get things started, it is required of registered nurses who have completed their study in other countries that they have the requisite basic education. There are many steps to obtaining U.S. nursing jobs for foreigners, and the following are some of them:

  • Successful completion of a nursing curriculum leading to a registered nursing license that has been granted accreditation: ADN or BSN for nursing students (BSN)
  • RN license (RN)
  • a minimum of two years spent working in the area of nursing.
  • It is not possible to transfer licenses for LPNs, LVNs, or PCAs to the United States.

Complete a Program Catered Specifically to Nurses Who Have International Experience (FEN)

The clinical training element of the curriculum also consists of a total of 120 hours, the same amount of time as the classroom instruction portion of the program. Both parts are overseen by an RN.

You will also need to set about fulfilling the following obligations before you will be considered for a nursing position in the US. 

  • Complete the English Language Proficiency Tests with a High Level of Achievement
  • Get a score that’s good enough to pass the NCLEX-RN exam.
  • After demonstrating that you have the necessary educational background and language skills, you should submit an application to take the NCLEX in the state in which you are employed.
  • Request CGFNS and other organizations to evaluate your credentials.

The following three reports are the most important ones that are utilized in the credentialing process:

  • Credentials Checking Done by a Professional Report Service and Their Results
  • CGFNS Certification Program
  • Visa Credentials Assessment

Credentials Checking Done by a Professional Report Service and Their Results

This report is not as thorough as the Certificate Program or VisaScreen, which both need further effort and cost more money than this one does.

The following are prerequisites:

  • Language Prerequisites in the English Language
  • Documentation from the High Schools and Middle Schools
  • Evidence from your home country confirming that you are permitted to engage in the profession
  • Nursing documents from your home country
  • $350 Fee

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Over forty distinct testing centers all over the globe participate in the administration of the exam on a quarterly basis. If individuals feel that it is important for them to do so, they have the option of taking the test in a country that is not their own.

Locate Nursing Schools That Have Obtained Their Accreditation From The CCNE

  • VisaScreen examines visa credentials
  • The applicant must meet CGFNS Certification Program criteria and pass the NCLEX to get a work visa.
  • A Service for the Review and Analysis of Student Records

Find a U.S. nursing employer.

Next, get a work visa. Click here to read more about the requirements for a work visa.  Nurses have a lot of options, but they require sponsorship from a recruiting business to pursue any of them. It is easier for international nurses to work via a staffing agency as opposed to directly with a hospital.

 Obtaining a nursing employment visa, sometimes referred to as a “work visa,” is essential.

Categories of visas that are accessible to registered nurses who are searching for work

  • The TN visa is available to registered nurses from both Canada and Mexico.
  • Employment on a Temporary Basis Requiring an H-1B Visa
  • The H-1B temporary work visa is available to those who have a bachelor’s degree or above and are employed in a specialization within the nursing field. Once in the US, these nurses may apply for a green card. These specialized roles include critical care, emergency departments, cardiology, and more.
  • It’s important to note that the number of H-1C visas available to RNs who want to serve in poor institutions is limited.
  • Permanent visa
  • Green cards, or permanent work permits, are needed for most nurses trained outside the U.S. This application must be completed before flying to the US, and a visa is required to legally immigrate.

Work as an RN in the US

Many individuals who are experts in the field of careers recommend to registered nurses that they do specialized job searches and make use of job boards that are specific to their area of expertise. You might start by checking out nurse.org’s job board (https://nurse.org/jobs/search/?q=&type=Permanent). If you want to work at a certain hospital, visit their website for openings.

US-ineligible nurses

Not all foreign-trained nurses can work in the US. The list that follows includes some of them; however, it does not include all of them:

  • Less-than-two-year-old nursing staff
  • Non-BSN-degreed nurses
  • individuals who have been found guilty of committing a criminal crime
  • LPNs who are not sponsored by a recognized nursing organization.

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