What are the health benefits of playing guitar? – Bonus Tips

Updated on March 6, 2021
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I was thinking about; how to answer this question? Soon a fundamental question hit my mind. And the question is:

What does health mean?

Google showed me enough results. But it could not satisfy me. So I decided to check the medical dictionary. The medical dictionary says; physical and emotional well being is summarized as health.

Now, it’s evident that – health is a composition of physical and mental well-being. Based on the definition, I can say – playing guitar is a natural healing process. Not only is it effective, it is a fun and cheap way of doing it. You forget a lot of problems when you try to learn songs. You don’t need to get the best guitar on MusicCritic, just something that fits your hands well and sounds good is enough. According to musicians, “you want a low action, as this will make playability easier.

Why is playing guitar a natural healing process?

It recovers mental stress and physical stress. Let me explain the statement in depth. Before that, let me write on natural healing benefits.

Benefits of natural healing:

  • It increases the immune system.
  • Natural healing keeps mental health good. 
  • Natural healing reduces the risk of organ failure.

This is the power of the natural healing process. And meditation is one of its most significant parts. Many experts agree that; guitar playing is also meditation. It heals major health injuries from the root. How? Let’s start then.

Playing guitar is good for heart and blood pressure:

A group of Netherland based researchers proved this. They said: if a person exercises with a guitar for 100 minutes, it will balance the blood pressure. Means, your heart is safe from cardiac arrest.

Music radar has also certified this research. They applied the study differently. How? Researchers advised ten guitarists to listen to music -before sleeping. 

On sleeping time, they checked all ten blood pressure levels. It was reasonable and ensured sound sleeping. Sound sleeping is essential to keep the major organ working.

So, get your first guitar from Musical Instru. They have a ton of guitar articles. 

Guitar exercise increases brain power:

The brain is one of the major organs. To fit our brain, it needs training. Exercise stretches the brain muscle. So, playing guitar will stretch brain muscles. As a result, fast thinking and decision making power enhances. 

Playing guitar also helps to develop the following aspects. 

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Learn faster: 

A study found that; those students who learn musical instruments tend to learn faster than average. Why? Let me explain it to my 10 years old son. Jim started his guitar playing at 6 years old. 

Now, his four years of learning journey showed me a significant improvement. Such as he performs better in math and scientific projects. You know these subjects are critical for this age. So, the question is -how he improved?

Jim used to work on daily challenges. He tried to understand different chords, scales, and patterns. This is how he learned faster.

Increase memory power:

Playing the guitar also increases memory power. Again I am enticing my son’s example here. Jim has developed a sharp memory power. This is because of practice. Eight to six hours of training helped him to build his brain capacity. As a result, he can grab the gist of the subject without hassle.

Playing guitar recovers psychological problems:

Apart from physical development, guitar playing helps to recover psychological issues. It is a tested form. The University of Mcgill revealed that; guitar playing releases dopamine. What is Dopamine? 

Dopamine is a chemical messenger. An organic chemical. Our pleasure, focus, sorrow, and finding something interesting depends on this. Is it hard to understand? Let me break down then. Your mood depends on this chemical. That’s the basics.

So how does dopamine help your brain? 

Stress reliever:

When we play guitar, it releases dopamine in our brains. It starts to reduce the stress level. Reducing stress levels is essential to solving the problem. Say, for example, you are in severe stress. Start playing guitar; you will see that – your severity reduced significantly.

Then, work for the problem that you are stressed with. I am sure a better solution is waiting for you. 

Confidence booster:

Playing guitar can improve the confidence level. How? Solving a problem and ruling it is a skill. So, when a guitar player faces the challenge, he/she develops inherent confidence. 

For instance, I had to cover two unique exercises in a week. My guitar learning stage was like that; I had to overcome each challenge. This winning situation boosted me up every week.

It later helped me to learn “never give up.” And this is how I established my guitar career and school.

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ADHD recovery:

ADHD=attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It’s a medical condition. And most of the people develop it from their early childhood. This medical condition consists of three following symptoms:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Inattention.
  • Impulsivity. 

Based on the symptoms, the University of Zurich did research. They found a remarkable reduction of ADHD in playing guitar. For example, it improved memory, self-control, and focus. Learning music instruments is now considered as medicine. 

Improves sex life and IQ:

If you ask ‘how to increase IQ? A music instrument learning will be the first recommendation. Why? It trains up our brain muscle to function better. Like IQ development, playing guitar improves sex life.

How? Dopamine and Testosterone have a close relation. Scientist found that -dopamine encourage testosterone hormone to have better sex. Your higher libido is the result of dopamine chemistry. This means a healthy family :p

Bonus tips:

Guitar playing has a lot of health benefits. To get the full reflection of these benefits, you need to follow these tips.

  • Maintain a healthy life.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. This will reduce the immune system and brain capacity.
  • Follow an exact sleeping time. Some musicians work late at night. This is bad for your health, and It does not bring any productivity.
  • Drink enough water and healthy food.
  • Take daily mental challenges. 

Wrapping up:

So, it’s time to close my writing session. I was confused on how to answer the question. I am sure the whole article covers everything. As a guitarist and teacher, my suggestion is: Stay healthy and stay productive. 

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