What are the Compensations a Burn Injury Victim can Get in Arizona

Updated on August 1, 2022

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If you suffer from a work injury in Arizona, the state must step in and award you financial compensation for your injuries. The benefits differ depending on the severity of the injury. Financial compensation can make a difference. Work injuries commonly associated with burns include firework accidents and explosions of flammable liquids.

Some injuries are easier to get financial assistance for than others. Burn injuries are no one’s favorite injury to have or live with. Most burn injuries are the result of fires or explosions. Not only is the accident painful in an acute sense during the incident, but there is also long-term pain.

What are the Compensations for Burn Injury Victims in Arizona?

As with all types of injuries, compensation for burn victims largely depends on the injury’s severity. Most burns that occur at work will be characterized as second-degree burns. These second-degree burns will usually require skin grafting or reconstruction surgery.

Compensation for those who have suffered a work-related burn injury can include several different benefits and disbursements. These compensations include the following.

Reasonable Medical Expenses

Medical benefits include medical and surgical care, rehabilitation, and physical therapy. These benefits may extend to psychological counseling for those who have suffered a second-degree burn injury. 

Certain work-injured individuals may be entitled to certain legal fees such as attorney fees or loss of income that they will need to compensate for their injury. Critically ill burn victims may also be protected from having to pay premiums on their health insurance that would only cover the injured individual.

Long-Term Disability Benefits

Disability benefits may be available to those with long-term injuries due to their work injury. These benefits are usually paid for with money from your employer’s insurance. 

A long-term disability benefit can often extend for years. It can provide for a healthy income, but only if the individual meets various eligibility criteria to qualify for the benefit.

Lump-Sum Payment for Permanent or Catastrophic Burn Injuries or Disfigurement

The severity of the injuries will dictate any portion of this type of compensation. A lump-sum payment is a one-time payment that can provide extended care and lifelong medical expenses for those who have suffered a burn injury that has left them disabled.

Statutory Penalties and Fines

Suppose your employer is liable for your burn injuries, and they probably will be. In that case, they could face statutory penalties and fines in addition to any other financial compensation that might need to be paid out on behalf of the victim.

It is important to remember that compensation for a work injury can go beyond the monetary value of the injuries. Benefits like long-term disability, loss of livelihood, and medical expenses can all impact those who have suffered a work injury.

To learn more about claiming compensation for your burn injury, it is essential that a qualified attorney must be consulted. A lawyer can help ensure you receive all the financial compensation you deserve. Any type of burn injury that you have suffered at work should be taken immediately to an experienced burn injury attorney who can help you with your case. 

The qualified attorney should be well versed in your state’s compensation rules, as they differ from state to state. You can also discuss your situation with a lawyer and get initial opinions regarding your case.

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