What are the best hiring sites to fill job openings in 2022?

Updated on September 11, 2022
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People are looking for jobs, and companies seek to hire for various reasons. Finding the most appropriate job can be daunting if you need a better job to improve your financial well-being or to cover the ever-increasing cost of living. Similarly, to fill vacant positions or find workers to kick start a new business. It would help if you did not worry much, though. As a job seeker or an employer, you must take advantage of the existing technology to find the best hiring sites online. Gone are the days when you’d spend months advertising on traditional media platforms or sending application letters. Here are some of the best sites where you could find workers as an employer.

1.    LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been one the best platforms to find workers as well as jobs for years all over the world. It is an impressive media network that connects business professionals with numerous opportunities and applications. You will find a range of professionals on this platform, from fresh graduates to seasoned professionals, in all fields, you can think of. With more than 800 million users globally and about 20 million job seekers, this platform is just the right avenue to find skills anywhere in the world. It also offers free slots for at least one job posting and an affordable fee for any additional postings. Considering its popularity worldwide, LinkedIn is an excellent platform for posting your job offer to get top of the range workers.  

2.    ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is another great job board that you should consider. It has impressive features that enable you to organize your postings and link with other top job boards. You get to have your postings get a wide audience by posting on just one platform. This job board features useful growth abilities suitable for new businesses seeking to grow their establishments and opportunities for large companies that seek to post numerous job openings. The platform offers free trials for up to four days to test the waters and decide whether it is an appropriate place to post your jobs before committing to a paying package.

3.    Indeed

Third, on the list but by every means as good as the rest is Indeed. In addition to allowing you to post job offers before paying anything, this platform boasts a large register of job seekers allowing you to fill up your vacant positions as quickly as possible. It takes just a few simple steps to post unlimited job offers. If you need to have your posts highlighted, you should pay for advertised postings to push them up the ranks. That means you can select your most urgent positions to appear on top of the board to get employees as quickly as possible.

4.    Homebase

Homebase is an excellent platform with numerous features, including free onboarding, applicant tracking, scheduling, and a time tracking system ideal for startups looking to hire hourly workers. Small businesses enjoy a free basic package that allows you to get skilled workers for your establishment. The platform also features free pre written templates that enable you to post job positions quickly and easily. You can also link up with other job board sites to increase your post’s visibility. If you need to boost your posts, Homebase will charge a small fee per post or a consolidated monthly fee, depending on the number of locations your business has.

5.    Monster

Monster is a suitable job posting board, but it costs a little more than most other sites. It has optimized mobile features that allow you to post and customize your posts according to your budget. Additionally, it has other useful tools, including pre-built templates and candidate management tools. You can get a free ford day trial to test its features, after which you can subscribe to one of its monthly subscriptions. Its pay-for-performance feature helps you manage your posting budget as you only get charged when an applicant clicks on your job post.

6.    CareerBuilder

Last but not least on this list is CareerBuilder. This job board features a mobile app that you can use to post your positions easily. With the app, you can access passive and existing candidates from a pool of over 140 million applicants. Having a dedicated mobile app helps you boost your ads. Additionally, suppose you need a specific skill set. In that case, you can send targeted emails to the pool of applicants where you get to select the best possible employees for your specific needs.

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