What are some foreplay ideas?

Updated on October 17, 2022

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Foreplay before sex helps to get both partners excited, improves your sex life, can be used to loosen up your partner, or simply allow for some “sexy time” before any sexual encounter. It can go a long way into building a healthy relationship. 

What is foreplay?

Foreplay is an activity done prior to intercourse that provides enormous pleasure to both partners. The purpose of this sexual experience is simply to excite and pleasure your partner before engaging in sex. Oftentimes, it will lead to an orgasm. While it’s not a prerequisite for sex, fantastic foreplay action can be plenty hot and thrilling for both you and your partner when it’s done right.

How does foreplay get you ready for sex?

If you haven’t had sexual intercourse yet, chances are you aren’t going to know exactly where to touch her. That’s why foreplay is important. By touching her erogenous zones you will learn what feels best to her. Once you know what turns her on, you can start giving her pleasure.

Here is a list of things you could try

Don’t get too stressed out if you don’t have a great foreplay repertoire. Below are some tips and a foreplay technique or two you may want to try:

  1. Kissing – Start with light kisses on their neck and shoulders then move down slowly towards their breasts. You should also kiss them softly in between each breast as this will help stimulate blood flow into that area. If they enjoy it, continue kissing all over their body until you reach their genitals. This may take longer than expected so make sure you don’t rush through it!
  2. Oral sex – Some people like oral sex but others find it too intimate for first dates. However, if she enjoys it, go ahead and give her what she wants. Try licking around her nipples and gently sucking on one nipple at a time while massaging her other breast. Then lick from there downwards along her stomach and back again. Don’t forget about her clitoris which needs attention too.
  3. Sex toys – There are many different types of vibrators available these days to ignite some genital stimulation. Many couples prefer using sex toys during foreplay because it allows them to experiment without actually doing anything else. If you don’t have toys, get creative, for example, rub ice cubes all over your bodies—that will be sure to stimulate your nerve endings!. And, hey, your fingers work just as great! For example, he could insert his fingers inside her vagina and rub against her G-spot while stimulating her clit with his tongue. Or perhaps she would love him to play with her anus by inserting two fingers inside her bum hole and playing with her anal muscles.
  4. Body massages – A good sensual massage can relax both partners and increase sexual arousal. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy or an entire body rub; it can just be something simple such as rubbing lotion onto her skin. Make sure you use plenty of lube though otherwise, you might end up hurting yourself more than helping.
  5. Sexy lingerie – She probably won’t want to wear any underwear when having sex for the very first time but if she does, choose something sexy rather than plain white cotton panties. Also, women should consider wearing some thigh highs or stockings under your clothes.

Here are some of the benefits of foreplay

  • It increases excitement levels
  • It makes you feel closer to your partner
  • You learn how much your partner loves you
  • It gives you an opportunity to express affection
  • It lets you know whether your partner is interested in you sexually
  • It builds trust between you and your partner
  • If you’re looking for ways to spice up your relationship, try out some new techniques so you can add to your foreplay repertoire. They’ll definitely add some extra sparkle to your bedroom activities.

How long should foreplay last?

The length and duration of foreplay depend on a number of factors including age, gender, physical condition, emotional state, and so forth. However, there’s no set rule that says one person has to wait until their lover comes home from work before they start making passionate moves. In fact, foreplay shouldn’t take too long at all.

Finally, we have some foreplay tips to enhance your sexual pleasure:

• Dirty talking is a huge turn-on for many. Keep talking dirty throughout foreplay. Tell her what you want to do to her and ask her questions about herself. Ask her what kind of positions turn her on. And remember to keep eye contact with her.

• Use lots of sensual touches. Touch her face, hair, arms, legs, etc. Be gentle and avoid tickling unless she likes it.

• Give her compliments every now and then. Say nice things about her appearance and personality. • Remember not to force anything. Let her lead the way.

• Always use protection. Condoms work well for most women although some women dislike condoms due to discomfort. 

• Have fun! Foreplay isn’t supposed to last forever. Enjoy yourselves with this sexual activity and let the passion build naturally.