What are Cognitive Enhancers?

Updated on April 29, 2021

Cognitive boosters or nootropics are drugs people use to enhance their memory, motivation, concentration, and mood. Whether studying or working, cognitive enhancement can help improve your productivity as it helps deal with burnout and stress. You can buy nootropics over the counter or have them in prescription form.

The memory boosters come in three categories: prescription drugs, dietary supplements, and synthetic compounds. Nootropics are non-toxic and non-addictive; thus come with few side effects, which makes them safe to use. Find out more about nootropics in this guide. 

How Nootropics Work 

The drugs work on different systems within the body, allowing blood flow to your brain, thus allowing sufficient oxygen. Some smart drugs can raise your adrenaline levels the same way caffeine does, enabling you to stay awake for prolonged periods. Some substances may increase the number of neurotransmitters like dopamine, which offers you a feel-good attitude. 

Nootropics compounds enable the brain to carry out its cognitive functions effectively. The substances work differently depending on the ones you choose to use. They impact your brain’s mechanism to enhance its different cognition, such as concentration and memory. 

Having burnout can lower your productivity, but using cognitive enhancers can help with your brain recovery. They help elongate your attention span, improve mood, increase creativity, and boost energy. Apart from boosting mental performance, the drugs prevent cognitive decline that comes with an increase in age. 

Other Names That Refer To Nootropics

Nootropics have different names, such as brain boosters, drive drugs, memory boosters, study drugs, smart drugs, and neuroenhancers. 

Nootropics Dosage

Depending on the smart drug prescribed, the dosage may differ. You can expect to take one or two pills accompanied by a meal in a day. Reading instructions on the drugs will help you stick to the recommended dosage.

People Who Can Take Nootropics

With all the pressure that everyday life presents to individuals, whether at school or work, anyone can benefit from taking memory boosters. For students, the memory boosters help prolong the attention span and improve memory, thus making studying easier. While at work, you will be able to work on your tasks with speed and finalize on urgent projects thanks to the substance ability to improve energy and creativity. 

For senior citizens, taking the cognitive boosters can help lower the risks of dementia.

Synthetic Stimulants 

Synthetic memory boosters are mostly prescription drugs used for treating specific mental health ailments such as ADHD. The drugs increase dopamine levels, thus reducing hyperactivity and increasing concentration. For these drugs to work effectively, you will have to stick to a strict timetable as they function while in the system.

They have side effects and require a doctor’s advice before taking them. They can also be addictive and are, therefore, not suitable for people with a drug abuse history. 

Nootropic Supplements

The supplements can be in the form of herbs, minerals, enzymes, or vitamins that help increase concentration, motivation, memory, and learning ability. Supplements from herbs such as Bacopa monnieri and Ginkgo Biloba, fish oil, and B vitamins are a great alternative to synthetic stimulants. Apart from improving brain functions, natural supplements can help fight inflammation, enhance vision, improve heart health, and promote the development of the brain. 

When buying any supplement that claims to have natural ingredients, it is proper to counter check if the company selling them is a reputable one. The company should use genuine ingredients without additives or fillers. It should also be tested for quality assurance.  

Side Effects Associated With Nootropics 

Any drug use comes with some side effects, and it is ideal to be careful when taking brain boosters. The drugs affect various people differently, but there are some common side effects: high temperature, reduced appetite, nausea, headaches, and dry mouth.

After long-term use, the effects include difficulty breathing, irregular heartbeat, behavioral problems, dizziness, and unusual weakness. 

There are synthetic smart drugs that may have most of the side effects. However, medications with natural components may have fewer side effects. Consult your doctor before taking any brain boosters since you may be allergic to some ingredients.

Bottom Line 

The use of nootropics is highly recommendable if you have a busy life as they help reduce the burnout and stress brought about by demanding daily tasks. However, instead of using synthetic compounds, it is better to use herbal supplements. Natural ingredients have fewer side effects and offer your body nutrients that could be lacking in your meals. 

For the memory boosters to work effectively, some lifestyle changes will help. You can focus on getting a good night’s sleep, eating a balanced diet, and managing your stress through exercises and meditation. 

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