What are Car Accident Lawyers in New Orleans Taking Care Of?

Updated on December 2, 2021

When someone finds themselves involved in a motor accident there is the likelihood that an injury may have been sustained by one party or another. That could mean the drivers or the passengers. This then makes it worthwhile seeking legal advice to see whether you might be due compensation.

A New Orleans car accident lawyer will be able to guide you as to your entitlements. Let us then explore just what having one on your side can mean.

Building a Claim

A car accident lawyer will help the victims of car accidents to build a personal injury claim against the person that caused the accident. Then, in a court of law, an evidence-based claim can be presented in court to obtain compensation by way of damages.

As mentioned, a claim has to be evidence-based, so much of a car accident lawyer’s work will involve gathering evidence. This needs to be obtained as soon as possible while it still exists. Photographs of an accident scene will, for example, provide evidence. Medical records will provide proof of the severity of injuries sustained. The police will also have gathered evidence when they have been called.

A car accident lawyer will know how to build a convincing case and within specified timescales. They will have your interests in their sight and be working for you to achieve a good settlement. Where you are not at fault you will want someone experienced in the law and skilled in presenting to put your case forward for you. That way, there is a greater chance of success.

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Improve My Settlement?

The settlement you receive from the courts will depend first of all on proving the other person’s guilt and then on what exactly your lawyer has you claim for. They will know from past cases the kinds of things that you can ask for damages on. 

Successful settlements for car accidents will typically include compensation for lost income where victims of car accidents are unable to work, the extra costs incurred with medical bills, and the cost of carers. On top of this, you should expect to be compensated for the trauma you have suffered. Furthermore, it is also important to consider that if someone is out of action for a long time, then they will be entitled to a larger settlement. 

Where injuries are life-changing and someone can never work again, at least not to the same capacity, settlements can be significant. For example, Joe Fried received $80 million in 2016 concerning his truck accident and this would make history as the largest dollar settlement. The accident had involved a truck driver from near Savannah, Georgia who had slammed into a row of cars that had stopped from a previous crash. Cases like this one demonstrate how much can actually be claimed from a vehicle accident.

Thinking about the above, but lessening the severity, the average settlement for a minor car accident is around $40,000, depending on which source you look at. It is well worth pursuing to restore family finances or to aid financial survival. Particularly where those affected are the main wage earners for a family. This will be taken into account in any settlement.

In What Other Ways Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help?

A car accident lawyer can be the one that communicates with the other driver’s insurer. This takes away the hassle from clients from what is already an upsetting time. A lawyer will also arrange a client’s medical records and bills. They will communicate on behalf of health care providers when it comes to obtaining any missing records. A watertight case will be the kind that proves successful. It is cost-effective to employ an experienced car accident lawyer to take care of everything with regards to a legal case for compensation.

There is no doubt that a New Orleans car accident lawyer will add value when there is a claim for personal injury concerning a car accident to be pursued. They will help with proving blame through gathering evidence and putting together a good case. Also, a successful car accident lawyer ensures their client secures a good settlement by knowing all the things to claim for.

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