Ways You Can Use To Stop Cigarette Dependence


Nothing good comes out of the habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes. They pollute the environment and your body with numerous toxins. And you would be doing yourself justice if you stopped using them immediately. But let’s be real, stopping this habit if far harder than said, but it is not impossible. Below are some of the ways you can reduce and eventually stop your cigarette dependency habit.

1Use nicotine pouches

Nicotine is essentially the element in tobacco cigarettes that gives you the feeling of wanting more. And since you can get the same supply of pure nicotine minus all the harmful compounds present in typical tobacco cigarettes through discrete nicotine pouches, it is a safer option. The usage of these nicotine pouches is very simple; you simply place one pouch between the gum and the lip and let the nicotine seep into the bloodstream through the sublingual membrane.

2Try nicotine gum 

Nicotine gum is also another method you can use to stay clear from smoking cigarettes. Most cigarette smokers are used to the habit since it keeps their mouth busy, and gum is a great substitute. There are so many flavors of nicotine gum you can choose from.

3Nicotine nasal spray

These are another class of nicotine materials that you can use to reduce your tobacco dependency. These nasal sprays work essentially the same way any other nasal spray does where you spray a spritz or two up your nostrils, and they deliver a dose of nicotine into your system.

4Avoid triggers

Most cigarette smokers have a favorite place they like to go to smoke or an activity they do that leads them to start smoking. These can be anything from drinking alcohol or going out for drinks, which must be avoided if you want to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. If you have no option, try going to joints that do not allow smoking at all.

5Stay busy

It is known that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, so much so, make sure you stay busy so that you do not indulge in the habit. You really do not have to deep yourself into work; you could take a walk outside, go for a swim or hit the gym, basically anything that will keep you busy.

6Revisit the benefits of stopping the habit

As aforementioned, nothing good comes from smoking tobacco habits, and these are things you should constantly remind yourself. Think about the fact that you are bettering your overall health, keeping away from potentially catching cancer, and taking care of the environment. It is always nice to have a notebook that helps you stay afloat with your commitment to stop abusing tobacco cigarettes.


Making the decision to stop smoking cigarettes is the first step you should make if you want to be successful. If you have not made up your mind to stop the habit, even the methods mentioned above will not help you stop the practice. You make the decision, then work on it. One extra tip to use is to get an accountability partner who will remind you of why you are doing it in the 

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