Ways to Make Smoking Shisha Even More Enjoyable

Updated on November 19, 2022
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The first thing you can do to make shisha more enjoyable is to have a good time with your friends. Then, you can organize regular shisha-smoking parties, which are great for creating long-lasting memories and getting all your shisha-loving friends together in one place. Another way to make the experience is to try out new flavors.

Smoking Shisha can be a very pleasurable experience. If you are going to smoke shisha, you must make the most of the experience and enjoy yourself as much as possible. Learning how to utilize different techniques can help you do this. 

One of the best things about living in Dubai is having your favorite shisha delivered to your home. Many companies and brands sell shisha in Dubai, and they offer shisha home delivery Dubai so that you can order it online and get it sent straight to your door. This is the way to go if you want to make smoking shisha more enjoyable.

Shisha is a noncombustible hookah pipe used to smoke flavored tobacco in water. In addition to being great for socialization and taste, smoking shisha has many benefits. 

These include:

1. It Can Give You a Calming Effect

It can soothe your nerves if you inhale the right flavors of shisha. The comforting scent helps reduce anxiety and stress levels more than coffee or alcohol, making it ideal for anyone who needs extra energy during the day or whose work involves sitting behind a desk all day. Smoking shisha can also help relieve headaches, migraines, stomachaches, and menstrual cramps when you use certain flavors like mint.

2. It’s an Ideal Tool for Socialization

If you work from home or spend a lot of time alone, smoking shisha is a great way to meet new people and make friends. Whether you smoke outdoors together or hang out in a lounge as you enjoy the flavors, it’s enjoyable for everyone involved. Additionally, if you’re visiting a country where shisha is popular, such as Turkey or India, bring your pipe to socialize with locals who enjoy this relaxing hobby. Or if you’re traveling on business and need a break from work, use it to find others who might want to grab lunch or coffee after they finish smoking.

3. It Allows You to Try New Flavors

The wide range of flavors available makes smoking shisha an adventure. You can choose from fruity tastes like strawberry, pomegranate, honeydew, and coconut or ones that evoke a certain region, like Turkish coffee or apple pie. There are even combustible tobacco options if you want to mix it up with your regular pipe. If you’re at a loss for where to start, ask friends who smoke shisha what their favorite flavor is — they probably have tried most of the varieties out there. Or check out local shops while you travel to sample new flavors as soon as possible.

4. It Reduces Cravings for Cigarettes

Shisha might be the answer if you’re trying to stop smoking cigarettes but feel addicted to nicotine. Although it contains nicotine and other chemicals like tar in cigarettes, using shisha less frequently can help your body cope with withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, suppose you smoke many cigarettes daily but light up only once or twice as part of your shisha routine. In that case, you’ll have fewer cravings for nicotine compared to people who constantly smoke from morning until night.

5. It Can Increase Your Energy Levels

If you feel tired during the day and need the energy to finish your tasks on time and with ease, try smoking shisha instead of drinking coffee or soda. Like many aromatic tobacco products, it has the power to get you through the bulk of your day without feeling shaky or wired. And because you can choose from a range of flavors with unique aromas and tastes, you can find one that best suits your taste.

I’ve been smoking shisha for some time now. I love it, and it is one of the few things that can keep me entertained for hours and hours. However, sometimes this activity gets boring to do over and over again. So, if you want to spice up their aromas every once in a while, my ideas below might be perfect.

1. Try different styles of hookah pipe: There are many hookahs in the market today, ranging from pipe-style ones to even ones similar to a bong. So what if you switched up your smoking routine by using a different type? You could also buy sets with multiple hookah pipes so you can hand them out to friends and family members, or if you’re lucky, even a stranger!

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2. Flavor your smoke with different ingredients: You don’t have to stick with flavorless tobacco all the time. You can experiment by adding different flavors to your shisha, mint leaves, or lemonade. See what combinations work best for you, and customize your smoking experience according to just that one ingredient.

3. Use other charcoal types: There are many different coals besides the usual ones on sale in stores these days. For example, there are coconut coals that taste great and also burn slowly for long sessions of smoking. Try out different types of coals and see which one you like the best!

4. Buy shisha from different stores: The same shisha brands can taste a lot different from place to place, depending on where they’re made. So if you’ve been getting your flavoring from just one store or brand, try switching it up by buying some shisha from elsewhere and testing them both side-by-side. You might be surprised at the results!

5. Smoke with a sexy partner: Nothing is as exciting as enjoying your favorite pastime while making out with someone hot! If you are bored of doing this alone, why not consider bringing your significant other to smoke with you? It’s a great way to spice up your relationship and might be the perfect foreplay for some steamy sex later on.

6. Watch movies simultaneously: Aromas can be pretty boring if there’s nothing else to do, so try watching TV or a movie while smoking shisha! You can even take this one step further by trying to synchronize each puff with one from the screen. Again, this is a fun way to get into character and see how long you can hold out between puffs until something exciting happens in front of you or it cools down enough that you have another turn at inhaling.

7. Make your shisha: It’s simple to do this, and you need some tobacco, a grinder, herbs, and spices. Grind the ingredients into whatever consistency, then roll them into a paper for a quick smoke-able shisha! See how much improvement compared to the store-bought ones. Plus, this will be more affordable.

8. Try smoking different tobaccos: I know there are already so many types of flavors on sale in stores nowadays that it can be quite overwhelming when trying to decide which one to try out next. But if you want some variety, maybe consider drying out your batch of tobacco to smoke instead! It’s cheap and easy to do, plus you can control the quality of your product.

9. Throw parties with hookah: Why not get everyone together for a fun hookah party? This idea has many benefits, such as having a chance to try out all the different flavors with multiple people at once or even being able to socialize while smoking together on the same pipe is enough to get some friends together. You could also invite other hookah smokers from online dating sites who share your hobby and make new friends along the way.

10. Start a blog about it: If you’re passionate about hookahs, why not start your blog? It’s a great way to share your thoughts and experience on the topic and get other people to come up with ideas when you don’t have anymore. You could even reach out to experienced bloggers and ask them for tips!


Smoking hookah is a fun way to relax and escape everyday stress. It’s also a great activity for social gatherings at parties or on online dating sites like our website. With these tips in mind, you should now know ten things to try out next when smoking your favorite shisha! So give them all a go, maybe even more than once, if they need to work out on the first try. That way, you can always have something new up your sleeve whenever someone asks what new trick you will do this time. Thanks for reading. We hope you have an amazing day!

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