Ways to Help Yourself When You’re Feeling Anxious

Updated on October 17, 2020

Feeling a little anxious lately? Don’t worry another second! We know how to calm your mind from anxiety so you can finally relax and enjoy life.

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If you’ve ever experienced anxiety, you already know it’s something that feels out of your control. Your palms are sweating, your heart is racing, and you’re not sure how to stop it. 

You could be dealing with work stress or aren’t getting along with your significant other. 

Whatever the case may be, you’d like to figure out ways to get a hold of your anxiety. 

Don’t beat yourself up for feeling anxious. It’s something everyone goes through. But understand there are ways to combat it, even if it doesn’t seem possible at the time. 

The following is seven ways to manage your anxiety so you’ll have an easier time powering through it.

Distract Yourself 

It may seem counterintuitive to distract yourself when you’re feeling anxious. Even so, finding distractions will keep your mind off what ails you. 

The next time you start feeling overwhelmed, get your mind off it by watching some TV or go on a walk. Or, if you’re stressed out about work, instead of dwelling on it, start working on it! 

As soon as you’re done with the project that’s been stressing you out, you’ll feel instant relief. 

And if it’s something that’s going to take you a while to complete, take one step at a time. Map out a way to get a chunk of it done each day, so it doesn’t seem overwhelming. 

Hang Out With a Friend 

Struggling with anxiety by yourself sometimes makes it worse. You start to overthink everything, and pretty soon, you’re an anxious mess. 

Don’t feel bad for relying on others if you’re struggling with your feelings. That’s what friends are for when you’re having a hard time. 

Talk to a friend so they can help calm your fears and offer sound advice. You’ll wonder why you didn’t confide in them earlier! 

If they have time, see if they can grab a coffee or meet you at a park. Getting out of your environment and hanging out with a friend in person can lessen your anxiety.

Hug Your Dog

If you have a dog, hugging or petting him can help calm you down. Feeling the comfort of a furry companion makes you feel not as alone. 

They indeed say that dogs are man’s best friend. Our furry companions seem to know what to do to comfort us and make us feel better. 

So, lean on your furry pal. He’ll give you plenty of doggy kisses until your anxiety has passed. 

By the way, if you suffer from an anxiety disorder, look into making your dog an emotional support animal (ESA)

That way, if you end up flying to see someone, you can take along your furry pal on the airplane with you. (He won’t cost money to fly and can even sit on your lap!) 

Go for a Walk

If you’re having an exceptionally stressful day, go for a walk. Being outdoors and breathing in lots of fresh air can take your mind off things.

Seeing nature should also change your perspective. It makes it easier to be thankful for the world around you. 

Even when you’re not anxious, make time to be outdoors. Sitting outside and enjoying nature can uplift your spirits. It causes you to be thankful for life as you see all the energy surrounding you. 

Make a habit of going outdoors more often. You may find that you’re not as anxious nearly as much. Taking in the birds, flowers, and trees helps you focus on the world around you instead of life’s burdens.

Ask Yourself Questions

When anxiety strikes, a lot of the time, you’re worrying about things that won’t ever happen.

Asking questions like, “What’s the worst that can happen?” can help you reason with yourself. 

If you think you’re going to do horribly at a presentation, do your best to plan ahead of time. By being proactive and doing what you can to prevent anxiety, you’ll feel more confident.

And even if you get anxious and mess up, it’ll be a learning experience. You’re only human, and mistakes make you relatable

You could end up helping someone else with their anxious thoughts. By messing up, they may realize that it’s okay to make errors, too! 

Get Professional Help

Sometimes you need to get help from a professional to learn how to handle your anxiety.

It’s not always easy to get over how you’re feeling. And in some cases, you may live with an anxiety disorder for the rest of your life. 

You can’t let that define you, though. You are who you are, and you can overcome anything. With a mental health professional’s help, you can become more aware and learn about your triggers. 

He or she can teach you tools on how to control your anxiety.

Remind Yourself Everything’s Going to be Okay

People who have anxiety tend to be hard on themselves for experiencing it.

Instead of beating yourself up, cut yourself some slack. Others feel the same way you do. 

Attend a support group or join a group on Facebook where you can communicate how you’re feeling. You may find a group of friends who can relate to what you’re going through and support you. 

It’s vital to remind yourself that everything’s going to be okay. Even when you feel like you can’t breathe, take a deep breath and remind yourself it’ll pass.

In Conclusion

If you struggle with anxiety, you’re a brave person who may not have it together all the time. But that’s okay because that’s who you are. You’re beautifully flawed. 

With the proper tools, it’s possible for you to learn how to cope with these feelings and emotions. 

Don’t back down even if you have a long way to go. No one’s progress is linear, but that doesn’t mean they’re not getting stronger.

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Dominique Daniels has five years of Property Management experience working primarily in high-end apartment community living. Her ability to consistently deliver white-glove service to her residents and prospects has propelled her in a successful career that now finds her leading the team at Haven Dell.

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