Water soluble CBD: Why does it matter?

Updated on May 23, 2019

For years, people have associated CBD in its oil form. Even before the legalization of marijuana for medicinal use in multiple states, people knew about the therapeutic properties of CBD oil. Whenever people asked for a directly consumable form of cannabidiol, experts would recommend a tincture form. People have mixed the extracts with topical lotions, balms, salves and consumed them in soft gel capsule form. 

Can you dissolve CBD extract in the water?

Now, the CBD savvy population wants something more than traditional oil and tincture. People are moving away from smoking and vaping. They want healthier alternatives to smoking that will ensure maximum potential. Today, you can find CBD in its crystalline form, but one question still remains – is CBD water soluble? Like most plant compounds, cannabidiol is hydrophobic. In simpler words, CBD repels water molecules. When you put CBD extract directly in a tumbler of water, you can expect to see something akin to the oil-on-water effect. That is one problem that had scientists and CBD production companies busy for a while.

Crystalline CBD in a water-soluble form can solve the problem. The advent of nanotechnology has enabled scientists to create micro-emulsions of the CBD molecules that disperse in water equally. Calling it a solution would be wrong since the resulting mixture is no longer completely transparent. The pure CBD extracts in their nano micro-emulsion form are more hydrophilic as compared to their natural CBD crystalline form. Visit the Global Cannabinoids website for more information on water-soluble CBD isolates that you can readily mix in your drinks and food.

What are nano microemulsions? 

Nano micro-emulsions are stable and homogeneous. You might have come across similar oil in water mixtures in the kitchen. Milk is a classic example of oil in water emulsion. However, unlike the particles in milk, the CBD molecules do not impart any distinct color, flavor or aroma to the water. Moreover, the microemulsion particles of CBD in water are much smaller than the standard oil particles in the mixture. Therefore, the mixture is practically translucent even at high concentrations of CBD in the water. 

Nanotechnology uses sound waves to break up the larger CBD particles into micro-sized particles that one cannot see with his or her naked eyes. Each particle is close to 25 nanometers or 0.025 micrometers. That intensifies the “nano amplified effect” in our bodies. The molecules do not have to go through the entire digestive system for eventual absorption and assimilation like other biomolecules. They can bypass the blood-brain barrier and directly reach the receptors in the brain with nearly 100% efficiency. That makes the water-soluble forms of CBD extremely popular among people looking for more potency than the average vaping tinctures and CBD oil. 

Why should everyone try the water-soluble forms of CBD extracts?

Here’s why you should try the water-soluble forms of CBD –

Maximum potency

The nanosized emulsions of CBD are more water-friendly than the natural oil form. That makes it easy for our blood to absorb the particles and transfer them to the correct ECD (endocannabinoid) receptors for action. Your body readily absorbs most of the product you ingest, and the wastage is negligible compared to the earlier CBD oil forms.

Rapid time of action

Earlier you had to wait between an hour to ninety-minutes for the effect of CBD to take place. With the new formulation, your body absorbs the molecules quite fast. It reduces the latency period between consumption and time of action of CBD.  

Value for money

Since the waste is much less, you get the best value for your money. Research shows that in its water-soluble form, the bioavailability of the CBD molecules can increase by over 500%. In other words, you will need as little as one-fifth of the original amount you were using for the desired results. That translates to less wastage and more savings.

Variation in use

Thanks to modern technology, you can use the nano micro-emulsions in multiple forms. You can mix them with your smoothies or juice. You can bake with them or add them to your regular food. It mixes readily with water-based drinks without interfering with the original taste or texture of the beverage.


Consumers love water-soluble CBD since they can control the amount of CBD in their consumables precisely. The CBD extracts come with an indication of purity and concentration. Additionally, the lack of odor and flavor of the water-soluble CBD pure crystals allow the consumers to explore a wide range of consumption methods. 

Why do people prefer water-soluble CBD extracts?

Whether or not you want to go with the water-soluble form or the conventional pure CBD isolate is entirely up to you. However, remember that the typical CBD isolate might be 99% of pure cannabidiol. So, when you are taking one gram of the CBD extract in powder form, you are essentially taking around 1 gram of pure CBD as well. If you are looking for just pain management and swelling reducing effects, you might want to go with pure CBD extracts only.

Some people require THC extracts as well. They might go for the 1:1 mix of CBD and THC isolates. You can calculate the desired amount of the powder depending upon the purity of each compound. The easiest way to find the ideal dose is by talking to the seller about your needs. The product you choose should depend upon your therapeutic necessities. Some studies show that the presence of THC along with CBD in the isolate helps in quick remission of both pain and swelling.

The end word 

Although the hydrophobic properties of CBD undergo a physical change after the application of nanotech, their interactions with the human endocannabinoid receptors remain unchanged. The CB-1 and CB-2 receptors mediate the endocannabinoid pathway that has critical roles in the alleviation of pain, reduction of toxin levels and decrease in the stress levels in the human body. Therefore, as long as you are getting your CBD extracts from a reputable manufacturer, you can be sure about their quality and efficacy in their soluble forms as well. 

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