Want Guidance to Purchasing MATIC Network? Read on for a Step-by-step Guide!

Updated on September 20, 2021

How to Purchase Matic Network (MATIC)?


Polygon Matic Network was developed to improve the speed and cut down cost and difficulties of transactions related to the Ethereum crypto via a two-layer scaling solution. In simpler terms, the Matic Network Polygon works as an additional protective layer where transactions are processed and finalized. You do not need to make an alternation in the authentic blockchain layer.

Why Choose MATIC?

Before we discuss how to buy this Polygon solution, let’s find out why it is high time you shift from BNB to MATIC. This solution plays a vital role in maintenance and operation and is utilized for expenditures, extending, holding, and staking.

If you want the following as we do, MATIC is your pick:

  • Diversification in your long-standing investment strategies of cryptocurrency.
  •  Deposit fees for every transaction on the network Polygon.
  • Put your MATIC tokens at stake for participating in the platform’s governing and securing the chain.
  • Provide a backup for the blockchain on Ethereum.

Step-By-Step Guide to Buying MATIC Network

Here is a walkthrough on how you can buy MATIC on Kraken store:

  1. Register and Create a Kraken Account:

For creating your profile, all you have to do is put your E-mail address, create a username for the profile and put a strong password. Make sure your password is unique so that your safety is not breached. 

  1. Account Verification:

You will be asked to share basic details like name, nationality/ country of residence, birthday, and mobile phone number. You have to complete this procedure before making crypto deposits to buy MATIC and other digital currencies like Bitcoin. You can also choose cash payments in CHF, USD, or EUR. In such cases, you have to present some extra documents to the operators for identity verification. 

  1. Selecting Mode of Payment or Adding Funds:

There are plenty of payment and funding methods to choose from. Make your selection based on whatever suits you the best. There are preference and location parameters; users keep in mind while picking.

  1. Buying the Final Matic Polygon:

On completing the 3rd step, you will be all set to purchase Kraken, the Matic polygon solution. Additionally, you can also enjoy several high-end products to enhance your journey on Kraken. Millions of traders across the world have loved this platform. We hope you will too.

Where Should You Store Matic?

Now that you know how to invest successfully, the next crucial factor is storing them safely. 

Kraken is renowned for its top-notch security, and we always preach that the safest way to store your crypto is to keep them safe in your wallet. A private wallet is software or a physical device to store all the personal and public keys required in Crypto transactions. 

Before picking a wallet, draft a plan for your token investments. It will help you to choose the wallet that fits your requirements the best.

Wrapping Up

Introduce simplicity in your communication with MATIC. Check out some crypto sites so that you can make transactions easy without having to understand the complicated technologies of this industry.

Do not forget to share with us your MATIC experience!

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