Vivante Expands Digital Digestive Health Platform to Further Personalize Care

Updated on March 21, 2023

Enhanced Technology Optimizes Triage, with Direct Physician Access to Improve Outcomes and Reduce Costs

Vivante Health, the leading provider of digital digestive health solutions for employers and health plans, today announced the expansion of its GIThrive platform. GIThrive’s virtual care model will now be powered by enhanced technology that facilitates triage, including access to all existing GIThrive features plus GI-related test ordering, prescriptions and telemedicine appointments with physicians in every state for members needing such support.  Users will now receive AI-driven, personalized care plans guided by an expert team of coordinated care providers including gastroenterologists, internal medicine specialists, dietitians and health coaches, helping increase the speed to diagnosis and treatment in an area where delays can have serious medical and cost consequences. 

Key to this expansion are technology enhancements that utilize artificial intelligence, machine learning and pattern recognition to provide optimized and customized support based on initial intake and data gathered throughout the member journey to adapt to shifts in their reported symptoms, diagnoses and needs. Data is shared across their care team to provide continuity of care. 

These enhancements strengthen GIThrive’s ability to route members to timely and appropriate healthcare resources to provide the right care at the right time. 

This continuum of care is critical to helping users with digestive health issues. Nearly one in four Americans suffers from a digestive disorder, often taking a profound toll on their personal lives as well as their productivity and attendance at work. Many of these conditions go undiagnosed for years, increasing the risk of complications along with the costs of treatment. GI issues also rank among companies’ top five healthcare expenses with an estimated $136 billion in annual medical claims, exceeding the total healthcare bill for trauma, mental health, and even heart disease.  

GIThrive’s new capabilities extend its ability to help members improve their gut health as well as reduce unnecessary medical spend for both members and health plan sponsors. The platform now offers: 

  • Individualized care plans that dynamically adjust to reflect updates to members’ symptoms, clinical findings and preferences 
  • Accelerated identification of symptom triggers through enhanced data collection 
  • Access to a nationwide network of internists and gastroenterologists for diagnosis, treatment, lab test orders and prescriptions
  • Test ordering direct from the GIThrive interface when recommended in the member’s care plan
  • Colorectal cancer screening kits shipped to eligible users without doctor interaction
  • Triage to ensure that members with high acuity issues receive priority for virtual physician visits 
  • Referral of members needing in-person care to in-network, brick-and-mortar settings 
  • The ability to manage the member’s digestive health care holistically rather than fragmented across different care plans and providers

These features add to GIThrive’s powerful digital platform, where members can access everything they need to manage their digestive health all in one place at any time. This includes online educational resources, symptoms and food logs, and evidence-based digital therapeutics, including the market’s first integrated cognitive behavioral therapy solution designed to help users manage digestive health conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, as well as 24/7 access to registered dietitians and health coaches. Care is provided across the digestive disease spectrum, from common yet often debilitating conditions like IBS and GERD to complex conditions needing high levels of care coordination like inflammatory bowel disease.

Organizations that have adopted GIThrive have seen an overall reduction in digestive-related healthcare spend, reporting as high as a 3:1 return on investment. This cost reduction comes from increased medication adherence and behavior modification, leading to fewer emergency room visits and inpatient admissions, with over 90% of users reporting an improvement in GI symptoms and overall quality of life.

Other benefits for large employers and health plans include a fees-at-risk structure based on a reduction in medical claims. 

“Two-thirds of the users on our GIThrive platform do not have a diagnosis even though they have an average of 3.7 GI symptoms. We have made a major investment in new technology and comprehensive virtual care in order to help our members get the answers and resources they need to feel better faster,” said Vivante Health CEO Bill Snyder. “This is a major advance in digital digestive disease management that promises to yield significant benefits for both the member and the sponsoring employer or health plan.” 

The expanded GIThrive platform will go live this summer. 

About Vivante Health

Vivante Health is an innovative digital healthcare company reinventing the way chronic conditions are managed, gut first. Vivante’s virtual GI care delivers the right care at the right time by pairing data-driven technology with a coordinated team of experienced physicians, registered dietitians and health coaches.  For more information, visit the company website or email [email protected].

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