Vaping and exercise – what you need to know

Updated on July 13, 2021

Over the years the consumption of marijuana has been increasing, and has reached an all time high since the legalization process started in America in 2012. Granted, there are many benefits of using marijuana, especially when used medicinally to treat a variety of conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, PTSD, anxiety and eating disorders. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help very much when used for a prolonged period of time if you want to keep fit and get into shape. 

In today’s day and age there is a large focus on being the healthiest version of yourself and looking as good as you can, and this means that they are cutting out not only cigarettes, but traditional methods of consuming marijuana too. Vaping is said to be a much healthier alternative to smoking, which is why it has become so popular, as you can still get the benefits and psychoactive effects that marijuana, or even nicotine provides. However, vaping is still considered smoking by most health insurance companies. So, if you’re planning to subscribe to a health insurance, try to find a vape friendly life insurance

For those feeling like smoking is getting in the way of their exercise routine and their new outlook on their healthy life, here is what you need to know about vaping and how it affects your exercise. 

Although it’s worth bearing in mind how exercising affects your vaping. According to Smoke Cartel exercising will actually make you less high, this is due to you metabolizing the cannabis quicker. So if you’re wanting to vape to get high it’s probably best to avoid exercising, although some people say that exercising while high allows them to feel more in tune with your body.

How it affects the lungs 

Breathing is probably one of the most important functions of a body as it is how someone gets enough oxygen into their bloodstream in order to be pumped around the body to maintain everything and keep it going. 

When smoking joints a build-up of tar begins to coat your lungs over time making it difficult for oxygen to enter your bloodstream. Other side effects of smoking marijuana are that they can terribly hurt your lung capacity leaving you tired and breathless without even getting to the exercise, because of a lack of oxygen circulation. 

When it comes to trying to smoke less, vaping is a superior option with research into the fact that it may even increase your cardio performance. By choosing to vape instead, you allow for your lungs to work at a far better capacity with no risk of tar build up. With a better lung capacity, your workouts can, in turn, be longer and ultimately have far more output by eliminating the risk of immediate exhaustion 

How it affects the mood

It is widely known that nicotine is a substance that triggers pleasure sensors in your brain and can almost immediately boost your mood as well as reduce anxiety that a lot of people experience. Vapes containing nicotine or marijuana could be incredibly useful to those who are constantly distracted or anxious when exercising. 

On top of that, vapes aren’t exclusively used for nicotine or marijuana related products, but can also allow for CBD consumption. CDB is commonly used to treat stress, anxiety, pain and also well known for treating PTSD with one of the most prominent symptoms being anxiety. CBD is an extract from marijuana that is isolated from THC, which allows for people to experience the calmness and peace of marijuana without any for of a high or mind altering possibility. 

This is incredibly useful when it comes to being at the gym surrounded by lots of people as it could reduce performance anxiety and help people gain the confidence to try new and different exercises or actually going to a gym where there is access to a multitude of different weights and loads of equipment. 

How it affects your heart

Not only is smoking a joint bad for your lungs and lung capacity in the long run, but the effects of cannabis can also be detrimental to the health of one’s heart. With an increased resting heart rate, the consumption of marijuana through traditional means makes the heart work increasingly much harder to keep the body going with each incremental puff taken. With a rise in a person’s resting heart rate, it can mean that when a smoker tries to exercise their heart rate could increase to dangerously high levels which could ultimately lead to death, which a few studies have noted. 

Vaping allows one to control the amount of marijuana that is consumed regularly which can be a big factor in reducing the risk of an increased resting heart rate or a dangerously high one. This can also, in the long run, be an easier way for those who are trying to cut back on marijuana or completely eradicate it from their body by allowing them to see just how much their consumption is.

How it affects stamina

Vaping can affect a person’s stamina since it can still affect the lungs and heart. Nicotine that’s found in e-cigarettes can constrict blood vessels, which can affect an athlete’s stamina and performance. Although some report not experiencing any ill effects when they don’t vape at least 45 minutes to two hours before exercising, there’s no scientific data to prove this.

If you want to improve your stamina, it’s best to avoid vaping altogether. However, if you choose to vape, then it may be helpful to avoid nicotine and probably just enjoy the vapor.

How it affects your weight

Although the effects of vaping are usually negative, it can, however, benefit people who are looking to lose weight. Vaping may help some people lose weight by taking their minds off snacking or food. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you can overeat and just vape to lose weight. You still need to understand that gaining and losing weight occurs when you have an imbalance of your caloric intake versus the calories you burn. 

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