Values of a Good Building Design

Updated on June 19, 2022

If you dive into a design magazine, you will get to see a lot of catchy yet very tricky designs. On one hand, some will blow your mind with their intricate structure and stability. On the other hand, few will leave you in confusion. 

In case you are looking for a new house, Keyrenter Salt Lake Team is here to make you realise the importance of good building design.  Your building design you have the following aspects:


We all talk about sustainable building designs but very few of us realise how hard it is to attain sustainability in the building design. Unfortunately, architectures are using greenwashing and marketing spin as a substitute for real change. But now the people have become more aware and architectures can hide or manipulate the things anymore. 

You must know that the buildings that architectures are designing right now produce more carbon dioxide than vehicles. Yes, you read that right.  So we have to be very careful and take sustainability seriously while designing the buildings. 


It may sound a very simple attribute of good design but it is often the toughest to achieve. Take the example of Apple that is designing products that not only look great but in deep down, they are successful by designing easy to use software that their competitors are not able to do. 

Well Made

Firstly, clear your misconception that only architectures make designs. Actually, they follow the instructions and ideas that you provide them. So how well the building is made directly depends on the set of instructions and idea that you will provide them. This means the instructions should be good and easy to understand. 


No matter what design you choose for your building, it should perfectly fit in your budget. You should keep in mind that the house construction is ahead, design is the first step only. You can spend all your money on the design.

Moreover, we suggest you make a budget for the design and stick to it. There is no need to baffle your budget for anything. 


A building should be structural as well as aesthetically pleasing. Innovation in building design is good but you should not design something that looks odd or outdated. So come up with something that looks different from others but it should be aesthetically pleasing to eyes too. 


Have you ever felt that some buildings appear more exciting and welcoming as compared to others? Every single building on this planet is different and it has different impact on the people. Some are very pleasing to eyes, they are brightening and welcoming. While others look suffocating, some look scary and some even look dead. 

So while you design your building, we suggest you to keep the beauty on your priority list. paint, furniture, gardens and everything comes after, before anything, it is the design of the building that makes it beautiful! 

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