Valuable Evidence to Gather in a Car Accident Claim


Do you know what evidence is valuable during a car accident claim case? Should you find yourself the victim of someone’s negligence, you must have a solid plan of attack. In the aftermath of your car accident, you must have sufficient evidence which will give credence to your car accident being the result of the other party’s actions.

Your Indianapolis car accident lawyer will guide you through this process, but it’s always a great idea to gather your evidence as soon as possible following your accident. However, you may feel lost as to what’s valuable evidence following your car accident. 


The following examples are meant to guide you down the right path and set you up for winning compensation for your auto accident damages. 

Medical Bills and Reports

Medical bills are not cheap affairs. When you lack proper health care or the resources to cover the cost of your injuries, your auto accident could drain a surprising amount of your money. When establishing your car accident claim, medical bills are excellent pieces of evidence that prove your financial and physical suffering. 

Keep documentation relating to how much you’ve spent in the pursuit of recovering from your damages. This ideology also applies to doctor reports, as well. Each time you visit a doctor, retain a copy of your examination, and make sure that you organize the information relating to your injuries. 

You must create a clear timeline of your injuries that will immediately disprove any doubt that your injuries weren’t the result of the other party’s reckless actions.

Police Reports and Witness Statements

Always report your accident to the police and gather a copy of the police report. Police will never unjustly pick aside in your accident and will record the facts of your incident. Not only are they unbiased, but they’re beneficial for proving that your damages were born from the negligence of the other party.

Witness statements are also excellent sources of evidence during your auto accident case. While they don’t hold as much authority as police officers in the court of law, they’re still immensely valuable when proving the fault of the other party. When speaking to a witness, be sure to not only record their statement but also gain their contact information. 

You never know when they might remember an important detail about your accident or if they’ll willingly testify about what they witnessed during your accident. 

Never Share Your Evidence

Once you have everything, you must never share your evidence with anyone besides your auto accident attorney. Your attorney is the only person you should trust because they have your best interest when it comes to winning your case. Failure to use discretion will lead to your opposition using your evidence or statements against you during your car accident claim case. 

There are a surprisingly high number of tactics that insurance companies will use to shift the narrative of your case into their favor, and you must always be wary of them. Always have your guard up when interacting with insurance companies. 

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