Useful Healthcare Apps

Updated on September 30, 2021

In recent years the usage of mobile apps in healthcare has increased dramatically. This has only worsened since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people have had trouble wrapping their heads around this because it’s difficult to understand how healthcare workers are supposed to safely recommend and prescribe healthcare apps.

Firstly, what is a healthcare app? It is a mobile software that tracks your overall health. These apps help with mental, physical, social, and environmental factors. These apps have helped healthcare providers to meet the needs of their patients in a time where everything has changed. Many have turned to Business IT Support to help them. The innovations that come with health care apps have helped patients through reduce costs, immediate access to individual care and provides greater control over their care. Below are a few useful healthcare apps that could prove beneficial to you and your health. 

Generis: DNA & Nutrition

Generis is a unique healthcare app that has a goal to help people improve their lives by understanding their genes. The interface of this app is simple and looks aesthetically pleasing. Generis is able to provide helpful DNA advice, fitness recommendations, food, nutrition and supplement recommendations. Generis is able to retrieve DNA data from 23, ME and to make the best recommendations possible. 


Teledoc connects patients to a certified doctor who is at your service 24/7. This process is done through a phone or video call. This app serves as a platform to for quick and easy communication between the doctors and patients. Doctors are able to make recommendations should patients require immediate medication and connect the patient to a pharmacy of choice. Teladoc is in partnership with Apple HealthKit to help further enhance the service they provide. This app is trustworthy as it has over 227 000 ratings and has a high rating of 4.8 stars. 

Better Help

This is one of the best healthcare apps around in terms of its specialisation on counselling. BetterHelp gives patients access to quick and affordable mental health professionals. It is a secure platform with licensed therapists and counsellors who provide help online. Patients tend to feel more comfortable doing counselling online which is why this app has received over 14 000 good reviews. There are over 3000 trained and accredited counselling who are able to help patients with all issues such as depression, anxiety, family and couples therapy. 

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