Use These Healthcare Benefits to Attract Amazing Employees

Updated on March 25, 2022

Businesses work hard to create a desirable work environment. From creating comprehensive benefits packages, to developing a workplace mental health program, there are countless ways to attract amazing employees. You want people who love to work for you. You want people who feel valued for the work they provide you with and who will give their all as much as possible. This is more effective when strategic workforce planning is executed so that every employee feels valued and useful. When health problems hit however, it can make it difficult to do the work they need to complete.

Mental Health Services

People with mental health challenges struggle to work effectively. It’s not that they don’t want to be good employees, parents, spouses, and friends, it’s that they need help with their mental health. Parents with mental health challenges are in an especially tricky situation. If their health issues become too bad, they could be at risk of needing family preservation services as well as mental health help. Mental health care is one of the least funded aspects of an individual’s health.

Most healthcare plans offer inadequate coverage for someone who needs therapy long-term to overcome their mental health problems. Companies that offer packages that include comprehensive employee mental health services are desirable for many people. Whether they need mental health services for themselves, or one of their dependents has a critical mental health need, these services go a long way toward attracting and keeping the best employees.

Holistic Wellness Packages

Many low-level mental health struggles start with stress and a lack of good health in other areas. Exhaustion leads to mental fatigue, and this makes it hard for employees to keep up at work. With holistic wellness packages that address all the different areas of health, you’ll be able to draw in the best talent for your company. Teach your staff how to manage stress, provide adequate breaks for them throughout the day, give them access to a fitness center on-site or a stipend to cover the cost.

Offer flexible working arrangements including some remote work opportunities for those who want them. Wellness benefits can also include personal development. Allow your staff to learn something they want using your time and your dime. Giving people the opportunity to follow passions that aren’t directly related to the job can give them the boost they need to be more productive throughout the day.

Medical Benefits

Most large employers offer medical benefits of some sort. However, these can get pricey even with the discounts you offer. There are many ways to make your medical plan more desirable. One of the options is that you can pay the deductible for them. This can make them more likely to seek medical attention when they are sick or having other health issues. Many people put off getting the care they need because they know the tests and other fees could be costly. By easing that burden and covering their deductible, they will have more money in their pockets to get the care they need.

Dental Care Benefits

Did you know that good dental care helps people avoid diabetes and improves heart health? It’s true. The impact of good oral health goes beyond having a beautiful smile. Dental care benefits ensure your employees get the assistance they need to care for their teeth and gums. By providing these important health benefits, you’ll attract and be more likely to retain the best employees. Healthy employees are more likely to be happy in all areas of their lives, including at work.

Vision Care Benefits

Vision changes as people age can make it harder to see and work quickly. And styles change all the time as well. No one wants to be stuck with giant glasses from 1982 if they can help it. Vision care benefits help your vision-challenged employees see better. They’ll be able to get their vision checked regularly and they’ll get discounts toward the purchase of new glasses or contact lenses. This little benefit can improve employee satisfaction and their confidence because they won’t be stuck with outdated frames because they can’t afford a new pair.


You can provide amazing health benefits to all your workers that will help them get fit, improve their mental health, and give them access to medical care when they or a family member need it the most. 

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