Unplanned Pregnancy Resources: Where To Go and Why

Updated on April 3, 2023

When a woman finds herself in need of unplanned pregnancy resources, there is no shortage of concerns that need to be addressed. The process of finding unplanned pregnancy resources can be very overwhelming. An unplanned pregnancy can flip a woman’s entire world upside down and that’s no exaggeration.

That’s why it is important to learn more about the best places to head for the necessary resources. Some of these answers may be surprising. In some instances, a woman may simply need someone to speak with and vent to. In other cases, she could need more immediate medical attention. Be sure to read on and learn more. Remaining healthy and safe should always be the number one priority.

1. Friends and Loved Ones

It may seem counterproductive to speak with friends and loved ones during times like these. However, the importance of emotional health during pregnancy of any kind cannot be overstated. The shock factors that are associated with an unplanned pregnancy can be difficult for even the strongest of women to deal with.

Speaking with friends and loved ones help to cushion that blow. If you have friends and loved ones who are able to remain trustworthy and provide great advice, these are the people that an expectant mother needs to be leaning on going forward. There are other places where a mother can go if need be, however.

2. Visiting Medical Professionals

Once a woman has found out that they are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, their next step is to schedule an appointment with their primary care physician. Failing that, it is still important to visit a medical professional. A woman who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can visit a primary care physician and receive basic prenatal care and ultrasounds.

A doctor can also provide additional information that is geared towards assisting a patient with a potentially difficult pregnancy. All information that exchanges will remain fully confidential, so the patient has zero worries in that regard. Patients are fully protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

3. Pregnancy Resource Centers

These centers are specially designed to help women who find themselves in the midst of a crisis pregnancy. The women who work at these centers are well trained and have all of the necessary compassion for their patients. Life-affirming options are provided to parents in need, as well.

The materials and resources that are available here are able to support a patient, regardless of the journey that they choose. These facilities are not official medical centers but many provide ultrasounds at no additional charge.

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, it can be helpful to visit a hamilton women’s clinic where you can receive support, information, and resources to help you make an informed decision about your pregnancy.

4. Adoption Agencies

Some women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy may decide that they are looking to place the baby up for adoption. This is not something that should be done without taking the time to speak with a few different agencies first. This gives the mother a better idea of what to expect and gives her a chance to further contemplate the decision.

Birth mother counseling is often provided at no charge to the patient and a mother who is opting for adoption can learn more about potential homes for their baby. These agencies are a great resource for any mother to be who is looking for added support.

5. Unplanned Pregnancy Hotlines

An expectant mother who is dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and wants to speak with someone anonymously can call a number of hotlines. Any woman who is struggling to handle a crisis pregnancy is more than welcome to contact one of these numbers.

The patient can also ask any facility that they visit to provide them with helpful numbers if they are in need. Trained individuals are on call at all times, ready and waiting to hear from women who are seeking local resources during a crisis pregnancy.

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