Understanding When Back and Neck Pain May Indicate You Are In Danger Of Having A Stroke

Updated on April 27, 2021

If you are feeling unwell you only need to take one look on the internet at your current symptoms and you will realize that you are dying from at least one hundred horrible and incurable issues. Unfortunately, this is now part of the internet as it is oversaturated with information. Most of the information is correct but, when it comes to health, there are so many possibilities it can be very difficult to know what is right or not.

That’s why it is essential that you get professional help when you are feeling unwell. 

The Signs Of A Stroke

You are probably aware of the FAST campaign that raised awareness of strokes, the common symptoms, and the need for urgent help.

  • F – Face Drooping
  • A – Arm Weakness
  • S – Speech problems
  • T – Time to call emergency services

But, are you aware of signs and symptoms that a stroke is possible? You may be surprised to realize that neck and back pain can be an indication of stroke risk. That’s why it is so important that you see a neurosurgeon if you suddenly develop back and neck pain.

You should note that this does not count if the pain is for a specific reason, such as an accident.

What Is A Stroke?

A stroke occurs when the brain is temporarily deprived of the blood it needs. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients all over your body, when these are cut off cells can quickly die. If this happens in your brain then the cells can affect your ability to do certain things, such as talk or hold objects properly.

There are many reasons why the blood flow to the brain can be affected. However, the most common hypothesis is that the cervical artery plays an important part in the supply of blood to the brain and, if this is damaged, you will increase the likelihood of a stroke. 

Extreme movements of the neck and trauma to the neck or back can cause damage to the cervical artery. This causes abnormal blood flow which increases the likelihood of clots. These can move anywhere around your body but, if they move into the brain, they can cause a stroke.

Why Neck And Back Pain Is Concerning

Neck and back pain often occurs after a trauma, such as a whiplash injury or an underlying issue that hasn’t been detected before. When this results in injury to the cervical nerve it is likely that you will at least have bruised the surrounding nerves at the same time.

This causes pain and potentially inflammation in the area. You need to have this checked and be aware that any trauma to the neck and back can result in damage to the cervical artery which will increase the likelihood of reduced blood flow to the brain and effectively cause a stroke. 

You shouldn’t stop undertaking your daily activities. But, you should be aware of the link between neck and back pain and the possibility of a stroke. It will allow you to monitor your health and seek help faster if needed. 

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